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Chat Live With NCAA Champion Lacy Janson
 Two-time NCAA Champion Lacy Janson

Chat Live With NCAA Champion Lacy Janson

Just one week after becoming only the second woman in FSU school history to win a national title twice in the same event, Lacy Janson stops by for a live chat on Seminoles.com. Janson cleared a height of 13’11.25″ (4.25m) to capture the crown.

Now you have the opportunity to ask Lacy about the NCAA Championships. Leave your questions now or click back to Seminoles.com on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. to chat with NCAA Champion Lacy Janson.

Chat # Date Chat Hosts
Chat 10 June 20th at 4:00pm Lacy Janson

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: WELCOME ALL to the live chat with two-time NCAA Champion Lacy Janson. Feel free to enter your questions and read along to see her responses. Also, check Lacy out this weekend at the USATF Track and Field Championships this weekend!!
Moderator: We’ll start with the first question…

Chris, Tampa, FL: You are such an inspirational woman. Will you marry me? haha But, really what are your plans after you hang your FSU jersey up?
Lacy Janson: What a flattering offer!! But I plan on staying in Tallahassee until the Olympic trials. I’ll finish school while training here.

Terry (Lake City, FL): My wife and I have been following your career since you started at FSU. Congrats on bringing another title home and good luck in the future. GO Seminoles!
Lacy Janson: Thanks so much for your support. It’s always nice to hear from track enthusiasts!!

Jessica (Ft. Laurderdale, FL): Congrats on a great season!!! The women’s team had an awesome year this year. Is this how you wanted to end your career at FSU?
Lacy Janson: I definitely wanted to go out with a national title but I would like to have vaulted higher at the national meet but the women’s team did awesome and I feel great about the whole year.

Gerald (Atlanta, GA): Who has been the most influential person in your career?
Lacy Janson: This is a tough one… Obviously Stacy Dragila set the bar high for all the women to strive for and that has motivated me to jump higher. My parents, siblings and coaches have all been a really great support system and made it easier to get through the hard times.

steve murray: we are so proud of you, tell us how much upper body strength it takes for a women to lift herself up 15 feet. what do you bench? good luck in the olympics
Lacy Janson: It takes a lot of upper body strength but a lot of it is technique and speed. Pole vaulting also requires a lot of core strength. I don’t bench but I do a lot of Olympic lifts like cleaning and snatching. I clean 176 pounds and I snatch 120 pounds.

Lisa (Orlando, FL): When you first started at FSU, did you think you could win a national title?
Lacy Janson: When I came to FSU, I was really new in the sport and didn’t know what to expect. I just took it one step at a time. The national title was always a huge goal but I just focused on one meet at a time.

L. J. (Auburndale): I saw you pull your hamstring in California. How are you recovering? By the way…you are awesome to watch!
Lacy Janson: Thanks for watching. I’m on the road to being 100%. I’m going to make a conservative decision at USAs on whether or not to vault. I want to be at 100% for Europe this summer where I’ll do a couple of meets.

Campo (Rockledge, FL): I noticed you redshirted-since track has two seasons, one in winter and one in spring, does that mean you missed a whole year of competition or did you redshirt in one sport at a time?
Lacy Janson: Since I redshirted my junior indoor and my senior year outdoor, it gave me a full fifth year of eligibility which I used this past season.

Javo…Miami, FL: Hey Lacy, Congrats on your win!!! I have to say, I am one of your biggest fans!! What are your plans now that you’re done with college? Also, how do you think pole vaulting and your success with it has changed your life?…..YOUR THE BEST LACY!!!!
Lacy Janson: Hey Javo!! I’m going to Europe this summer and then training here for the next two years at least. I have one year of school left so I’ll finish that up and then see. Well, the success in pole vaulting has enabled me to keep competing after college and now I get to do what I love for a little while longer.

Mike Morrell, Tallahassee: How did you first get started in pole vaulting? I know at my high school no one would ever do it because the first time was too hard. Did you get any coaching at all in high school?
Lacy Janson: I got some fantastic coaching in high school. John Raleigh at Cardinal Mooney had me try it my junior year when I went out for track to stay in shape for volleyball. I loved it and never looked back.

Shelly (Indianapolis, IN): What was your favorite memory this season and over all four years? GO NOLES!!
Lacy Janson: Setting the national record was awesome! Both national titles, the ACC titles and vaulting with my sisters were all awesome times!

Jessica (Miami, FL): What is your daily schedule like?
Lacy Janson: During school, I go to class, practice and weight lifting. Out of school, I work at the YMCA, practice and compete.

Campo (Rockledge, FL): How would you rate yourself on a world stage? Are you looking toward Olympic gold?
Lacy Janson: My goal is to be competitive at the world level. I’m training for the Olympic stage so of course gold is on my mind.

John, Miami, FL: 15-feet is really high. What are you thinking when you vault through the air?
Lacy Janson: I think — “Sweet! I’m over it!”

Sarah, Raleigh, N.C.: I watched you vault at ACCs. It was awesome to see make it over the bar. How high do you vault at practice? Who are you closest to on the team? Does it help having your sisters out there with you?
Lacy Janson: We don’t vault at bars at practice, we use bungees which I usually set at 15’6″ or 16′. … I’m closest to my sisters (Kristin and Brittany). … It’s really fun having them out there.

Shawna, Orlando, FL: What was your favorite part about competing at FSU? Go Seminoles!!
Lacy Janson: I’ve been a Seminole fan since the day I was born. I’m proud to wear Garnet and Gold and I’m sad to hang it up. I loved having such a great team and making great friends.

Cindy, Lakeland, FL: If you weren’t pole vaulting, what event would you compete in?
Lacy Janson: I’m really not that great at any other event — thank goodness for pole vaulting!! I might play volleyball if I did another sport.

sherry, Coral Springs, FL: What other sports do you play or have you played?
Lacy Janson: I did gymnastics for 11 years. I did diving for a year, dance for a year which the gymnastics coaches made me do thinking it would help me develop some grace that I lacked. I did volleyball for four years in high school.

Alex (Tallahassee, FL): It was AWESOME to watch the Seminoles on television. Do you think showing the meets live will bring more attention to the sport?
Lacy Janson: DEFINITELY! Of course it’s great exposure and maybe people just flipping through the channels would stop and watch and learn a little more about track. I wish television would show more vaults but its definitely a good start.
Moderator: Last question….

Bettie (Lakeland): We have followed your wonderful pole vaulting career and love watching you vault. Are you on any special diet?
Lacy Janson: Is this grandma?!?! haha… I try to eat healthy and cook my own food. But sometimes, Momo’s Pizza (slices as big as your head) calls my name.

Harry, Tampa, FL: What’s your least favorite part about practice? What’s your favorite class?
Lacy Janson: I hate pre-season training… figure eights, diagonals, multiple 200s and linear circuits… argh! I love all my science classes except ones that involve math (physics… chemistry).
Lacy Janson: Before I go, I want to say HI to all my family and thanks for your support!!!
Moderator: Thanks for participating!! Check out Lacy and the rest of the Seminoles this weekend at USAs! GO NOLES!!!

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