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Chat Live with NCAA Champion Rafeeq Curry
 NCAA Champion Rafeeq Curry

Chat Live With NCAA Champion Rafeeq Curry

Newly crowned NCAA champion Rafeeq Curry will stop by Seminoles.com on Monday, June 19th at 1:00pm to discuss the NCAA Champion Florida State Track and Field Team.

Leave your questions now or click back to Seminoles.com on Monday at 1:00 p.m. to chat with NCAA Champion Rafeeq Curry.

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Chat 10 June 19th at 1:00pm Rafeeq Curry

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Moderator: Welcome to our chat today with NCAA champion Rafeeq Curry…

Lisa (Jacksonville, FL): Thanks for bringing some positive attention to FSU. Are you going to stay around Tallahassee even though you are done with track?
Rafeeq Curry: Yes I am going to stay in Tallahassee. I have to finish school and I am also going to stay here and train.

Justin (Cincinnati, Ohio): Congratulations on winning the NCAA title!!! As an alum, it’s great to see the program doing so well. It’s apparent you guys get along on the track but do you get along off the track?
Rafeeq Curry: Thank you. Of course like I have told everybody Florida State Track and Field is a big family. It is important that we get along to keep that chemistry and that’s why we were able to perform well under pressure and step up and win. When someone falls you need help to pick them up and that’s what family does.

Willie (Austin, Texas): What are you studying in school?
Rafeeq Curry: Sociology and Education. I am a social science major studying education.

Larry (Mill Creek, KY): Class of 95 here!!! It’s awesome to see the program doing so well. Keep up the good work and GO NOLES!!
Rafeeq Curry: Thanks again for the love and support!

Jason (Newark, NJ): Did you know when you were coming to FSU that the team would be this good, this quick?
Rafeeq Curry: I didn’t know for sure but I always had it in my mind that I was determined to help build a championship team which is why I stayed here and continued competing.

Carrie (Palm Beach, FL): What was it like to win the team’s first national championship?
Rafeeq Curry: It is hard to explain. To be the first one to do it was real big. It felt great. It feels like I left my mark in history.

Ryan (Ocala, FL): Congrats on winning a national title. What was going through your mind when you jumped?
Rafeeq Curry: I was determined not to lose again. I didn’t want to be the one to let the team down.

Mike Hollomon Moscow, Russia: Rafeeq, you are an inspiration to us all. What are your plans for the next Summer Olympics?
Rafeeq Curry: Of course I’m going to keep training and hopefully make a team.

Miami: On your 5th round jump, what did you think about when you were on the runway?
Rafeeq Curry: I was trying to get amped up. I have a problem where I get to calm in competition so I knew it was coming to the end and I had to do something to get hyped in order to jump well and win.

Miami: How does it feel to be a National Champion?
What does it take to become a National Champion?
Rafeeq Curry: As a team, it feels great. You don’t have that many chances to win. It’s something special when you do. As an individual, it’s a great feeling. It takes hard work, discipline and occassionally some talent.

Miami: How old were you when you begin participating in track and Field? And where?
Where you always a triple jumper?
Rafeeq Curry: I started at age six in Miami with my dad’s track team (Curry-Grice Track and Field) and I was a 400m-200m-100m runner, mainly 400m. I started triple jumping in summer track at age 13 which is when you can begin competing.

Miami: Which phase do you think helps in jumping farther?

Is the Olpympics in your future plans?

Rafeeq Curry: Olympics are in my future plans and to jump far you need all your phases to be right otherwise you will look like me at regionals (hahaha) with a dislocated shoulder.

jcrossman@crossmanco.com: Rafeeq,

Congratulations! I watched your winning job on ABC. What is next for you?


Rafeeq Curry: Thanks again for the support! Coming up next is USA Track and Field Trials. It will be televised this weekend. (Check your local broadcast listings — hahaha).

Scott (Tampa): Great job at Nationals. Obviously you can jump. Do play basketball? I ask because I’m wondering what your best dunk is. My guess is you can dunk from the free throw line.
Rafeeq Curry: Actually I played basketball in high school. My favorite dunk is the 360 from the three-point line.

Joe (Tallahassee, FL): What road trip was your favorite and why?
Rafeeq Curry: Sacramento because it was the longest stay of the year. Just being in that atmosphere. You know its a big meet and there’s a lot of competition.

James (Miami, FL): What are some routines you do before you get ready to jump?
Rafeeq Curry: Of course, I stretch, jog, do bounds and warm-ups and short sprints.

steve murray: what was your mind set on with that last jump? you let it go, congradulations.
Rafeeq Curry: Thanks. I was set on putting the jump out of reach.

Terry (Tampa, FL): I’m looking at going to college in the next couple of years. What’s the hardest part about college and how does it affect your training?
Rafeeq Curry: Just staying focused. Sports is demanding of your time. It’s easy to get tempted to other things besides school work. The hardest part of college is staying focused.

Tisha (Detroit): What has been the highlight of your career at FSU?
Rafeeq Curry: Being a part of a national championship team.

Lily (Spring Valley, Calif.): What did you do differently in training this year that you didn’t every other season?
Rafeeq Curry: This year, I sprinted more. I was blessed this year to stay without any serious injuries. I added another event which helped to keep me settled and gave me something to do until my main event.

Shelly (Miami, FL): How did you get into triple jumping? Why did you decide to add long jumping this year?
Rafeeq Curry: This was my last year to try and win. I knew we had a good chance at winning nationals. I knew from past experiences that we fell short because of depth in scoring points. I wanted to contribute as much as I could just as a back-up plan.
Moderator: That was our last question for the afternoon. Thanks everyone for participating.
Rafeeq Curry: I want to say what’s up to my teammates, my family and friends (Thanks so much). Squad up!!
Moderator: Congrats again to the 2006 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field National Champions. Go Seminoles!

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