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Chat With The Seminoles, Dec. 3

Dec. 3, 2001

Which-Seminole: Adam Waleskowski
Question: Adam, I am one of Adam’s high school coaches and would like him
to give me an email when he gets a chance. Ask him if he misses Dutch?

Coach — thanks for your email and for keeping up with the Seminoles and
me. I miss Dutch and his tremendous insight into the game. I also miss
his sayings – “don’t thump the rock” and “player spacing.”

My email address is awal51@junocom

I am anxious to hear from you.


Which-Seminole: Adam Waleskowski
Question: How can you deal with playing in Florida? The weather and girls
must be horrible compared to here in Ohio.

Mitch – I really enjoy playing at Florida State and really love the
weather. It was about 75 degrees here today. It was a beautiful day.

The weather is one of the many advantages to going to school at
Tallahassee. I kind of felt at home when we went to Chicago to play
Northwestern last week but it’s really easy to get used to the weather in

It’s great to hear from you.

Adam Waleskowski

Which-Seminole: Adam Waleskowski
Question: Hey Adam, I just wanted to let you know that I heard from a fan
of yours at Auburn that you are doing really well and I wanted to say
congrats. Let me know if you play any school around Tampa. Have a great
season. Meredith

Thanks for your note, Meredith. I hope you are doing well in Florida.

I am growing comfortable being in Florida and love going to school at
Florida State. The coaching staff is great and I love being a Seminole.

We are coking to Tampa on Jan. 2 to play at the University of South Florida
at 7 p.m. It would be great to see you at that game.

Do you go to the University of Tampa? If so, great. You can come to the
game and cheer for us.

Thanks for your note and go Seminoles!

Adam Waleskowski

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