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Chat with the Seminoles – Dec. 7

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Which-Seminole: Adam Waleskowski
Question: I love FSU Basketball and have followed it ever since I came to
FSU, and now I am in the Pep Band for the men and women’s game. Have you
changed since you started playing for FSU and how were you selected to have
an online journal?

Susie – I glad that you are such a huge Florida State basketball fan. We
need more people who have the same fervor for our team around the state and
the nation. Thanks for your support.

I do think my game has change since I arrived at Florida State in August –
changed for the better. Coach Robinson and his staff are great teachers
and I go to practice every day knowing that I am going to learn something

I feel that I am playing defense harder than I ever have. Playing good,
hard defense leads to easy offense and that I important for any team. On
offense, you have to work harder to put yourself in position to score and
to get more touches on the ball.

It is also important to do the little things – staying low on defense,
boxing out on rebounds and concentrating on your shots – just to name a few.

There was no real rhyme or reason to why I was chosen to do the
diary. It’s fun to do and allows our fans to get an insight to what we do
as student-athletes away from the court.

I share your passion for Florida State and the basketball program.

Go Noles!


Adam Waleskowski

P.S.- I think the pep band is awesome.

Which-Seminole: Michael Joiner
Question: Just wanted to say excellent job in Tuesday’s game against
Birmingham. I told you it’s your time to shine. Keep up the great work 100
Grand!!! We love u and miss u. By the way your hair is tight!!! Smile

Hey 100 Grand – it’s good to hear from you again and thanks for your words
of support and encouragement.

Thanks for watching out box scores and for looking out for the game against
Birmingham Southern. I was happy to play well and help the team win the
game. There are more wins where that one came from.

I glad that you are on my side, because a kid needs it. Call me and take care.

Michael J. #1

Which-Seminole: Michael Joiner
Question: Hey Mike-Just wanted to say hi, and ask how your season’s going.
I think you’ve done a great job so far at FSU, and you’ll only get better
from here! Good luck this season, and I’ll see you when you come to Cameron!


Thanks for your greeting, my favorite yearbook editor.

How are you? I’m doing well and looking forward to playing good
basketball. Our December schedule is heating up which, as you know, leads
into January and the ACC schedule.

It will be fun to see you again when we play at Cameron Indoor Stadium on
Feb. 7.

Take care and good luck on your finals.


Michael J #1

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