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Chat with the Seminoles, Nov. 2

Which-Seminole: Monte Cummings
Question: What’s up Snake? It’s good to see that you’re doing well at FSU.
My question to you is now that you’ve proven to the college world your
abilities to perform at their level will you be receiving more playing time
possibly becoming a starter this season? By the way your performances
against Duke was outstanding. Well good luck this season and I wish you
much continued success.

What’s up man!! I’ve been thinking about you guys!

I miss our Big Windy Squad. It was you guys who put me in the position I’m
in now.

Look for my call sometime in the near future.

I’m looking forward to the season. I’ve been working very hard during the
preseason. Hopefully, I’ll be ready.

Good luck and tell everyone I said hi!


Which-Seminole: Monte Cummings
Question: How do you like staying by yourself this semester? How do you
like being married? What advice would you give me about raising a son? This
is your friend TJ

T.J. – you and I are friends. You have everything it takes to be a great
father. My advice is to DO everything you say. A child notices his/her
parents’ actions more than their words.

Call me.



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