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Chat with the Seminoles, October 23

Which-Seminole: Antwuan Dixon
Name: CoastalNole
City: Georgia
Question: What are your realistic expectations for the team this year?..Is
a trip to the Dance a possibility?

Brad – it’s great to hear from one of our fans in Tallahassee.
I have always made balancing academics and athletics a priority in my life.
I work very hard to be successful in those two areas of my life and I am
proud to say that I feel that I have done well in both areas.
Steve Robinson and our coaching staff place a high priority on academics.
Academics are always our first priority.

It helps to have clearly defined goals for both academics and athletics. If
your goals are defined, you can arrange all aspects of your life and work
toward reaching your goals.

Thanks for supporting the team. Hopefully you are one of our loyal fans who
support us every game in the Civic Center. We look forward to seeing you at
our games this season.

Which-Seminole : Delvon Arrington
Name : CoastalNole
City : Georgia
Question : Which one of the Seminole Freshman has impressed you the most
and why?

Hello CoastalNole and thanks for your question.

All three freshmen have impressed me and I am glad they are part of our
team. They come very different backgrounds, have played a lot of
basketball and are excited about playing basketball at Florida State.

When you think about the three new players, they all play different
positions and because of that will help us in different areas. They will
all help us in areas that we need help.

By the way, where on the coast are your from?

Thanks and Go Noles!

Which-Seminole : Nigel Dixon
Name : Anthony Romao
City : Tallahassee, Florida
Question : Do you think now since your weight loss that you can be the best
center in the NCAA, and plus do you think since your so big, that you can
match up with Shaq if you make it to the NBA.

Dear Anthony —

It’s great to hear from a Seminole fan – especially one from
Tallahassee. Do you attend ALL of our home games? I hope to see you at
all of our games in the Civic Center this season.

My goal is to be the best player in the NCAA. I think my weight loss will
be key in my long-term goals. Who knows about Shaq? Maybe one day we can
be on the same court together.

I met Shaq in person when I was in the eighth grade. He came to my school
to shoot a video.

Thanks for your question.

Go Noles!!

Which-Seminole : Trevor Harvey
Name : Mr. Para
City : Russellville, Arkansas
Question : Are you going to be a tin soldier or a warrior this year
Harv? Good luck Rasta!!

Dear Mr. Para —

Thank you for your question and your support of Florida State basketball.

I am going to be tough every time I step on the court for the Seminoles
this season. I have been working with the coaching staff to improve my
game since my arrival in August. In fact, I am writing this to you just as
I have finished my individual workout for the day.

Look for us to be a much-improved team this season. We have some more
pieces of the FSU puzzle in place and we are excited about the beginning of
the season that is only about six weeks away.

So, in response to your question – I am going to be a warrior this year – a
Seminole warrior!

Go Rasta —

Which-Seminole : Mike Matthews
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : How were you able to play so well against ACC competition in
your first year on the court?

Roland – thank you for your question about Florida State basketball. We
are all excited about the upcoming season. We hope that you, being from
Tallahassee, are a frequent visitor to the Civic Center for our games.

I was just so excited to be able to play basketball for the Seminoles after
sitting out the previous season. I worked very hard in the weight room and
everyday in practice to prepare myself for the 2000-01 season. I went into
the season knowing the ACC was and is the best basketball conference and
that I had to give my best effort each time I stepped onto the court.

Competing in the ACC is fun and being a Seminole men’s basketball player is
even more fun.

Thanks for your question and for your support of our team.

Go Noles!

Which-Seminole : Delvon Arrington
Name : Bill From Tampa
City : Tampa FL
Question : Coach Robinson has brought into the program a lot players who
appear to be able to play multiple positions and depth has increased dramatically. Do
you see a situation similar to Tulane a few years ago with two separate units splitting
playing time or could this be a team that will do a lot of mix and matching to
suit the situation? If a it is a situation where players, such as Michael
Joiner or Mike Mathews who can play different spots on the court, will rotate into
different positions, does that pose any problems with a unit’s chemistry on the
court during a game?

Bill — thanks for your question. You are, without a doubt one of our
greatest supporters.

I really don’t know what Coach Robinson is planning for the rotation this
season. It is going to be interesting to see what combinations he comes up
with. He has a lot of talent to choose from at each position. I feel that
the rotations he chooses will depend on the type of team we are playing on
any given night.

I can’t really answer your question about two different units splitting
time because we have never done anything like that before. Only coach
Robinson can answer a question like that. The decision on who to play and
when and where to play each player is up to coach Robinson. I sure that he
will make the right decisions.

I know that we will see you are all of our games and even some of our
practices. Coach Robinson has opened our first practice on Oct. 13 (after
the football game) to the public. I know that YOU will be there.

Thanks for all of your support.

Which-Seminole : Delvon Arrington
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee
Question : Thanks for the effort you have given over the last four years(on
and off the court). I understand that the team plays a lot of pickup ball
before the official practice starts. Do you ever get together to teach the
newcomers coach Rob’s offense or do they have to wait until Oct 13th and
learn directly from him?

Roland — thanks for your question and thanks for supporting the Florida
State men’s basketball team.

Since the coaches are not allowed to watch us play pickup games before Oct.
13, the upper classmen have to be the coaches on the floor. As a senior
co-captain (along with Antwuan Dixon), I try to give tips that are helpful
and that they can remember once practice starts.

Coach Robinson is a great x’s and o’s coach, so we are very excited to be
on the court with him every day. The newcomers are going to learn the
plays and the details when Coach Robinson gets into the gym with us. They
are going to learn the plays and learn them well once practice starts.

We run our basic offense and defense sets before Oct. 13 but we do most of
our learning when practice starts. We are comfortable that we all will
know the plays when practice starts.

Keep your great questions coming and we hope to see you at a practice when
it starts in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for your support.

Which-Seminole : David Anderson
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : I understand that your injury last season set you back. What
have you done during your individual workout sessions with coach Crawford
to get your game and aggressiveness back to where it was during your first
season as a Nole?

Roland — by the depth of this question for me and the others that I have
read, you have really kept up with our team and we all appreciate that.

It was tough for me to play last season with the injured hamstring. I
began with a great deal of rehab with the help of our trainer, Sam
Lunt. Because of the nature of injury it healed very slowly. I spent a
lot of time in the pool.

During the preseason, I have been helped a great deal by our individual
workouts with Coach Crawford and Coach Giles. The individual workouts have
given me the opportunity to enjoy intense practices on big man skills. I
think Coach Crawford is a great big man coach. In addition, playing with
guys like Nigel Dixon allow you to take your game to a more aggressive level.

I am really looking forward to playing better this season. It was very
frustrating last season knowing that I could play and practice much better
than I was. I want to help this team win, because I think a big year is
ahead for us.

Keep your questions coming.


Which-Seminole : Adam Waleskowski
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, Fl
Question : Can you tell me about your experience at the Capital Classic
all-star game. In particular comment on the level of competition(did you
make an impression) and meeting Ant for the first time.

Roland – I was so excited when I got your message – it was my first. Thank
you very much.

I had a great experience at the Capital Classic. I really enjoyed having
the opportunity to play in the game. I felt that it helped my begin to get
ready for college basketball at Florida State because it was my first
experience at a higher level of competition than I had in high school.

Both teams had a number of very talented and physical players. The players
on both the U.S. All-Stars and the Capital All-Stars could all really run
well. That was the biggest difference for me – the players’ ability to run
the court.

It was great meeting Anthony for the first time and being able to get to
know one of my future Seminole teammates.

Thanks for the question and keep them coming.

Adam Waleskowski

Go Noles!

Which-Seminole : Antwuan Dixon
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, Fl
Question : I’ve been told that you have been looking like Ray Allen this
off-season. Do you think the MONSTER game you had in the ACC tournament
last year is a preview of what we will see during this season?

Roland – thank you for your kinds words, I really appreciate reading them.

Though I am not anywhere near the level of Ray Allen, I do admire his game
and hope someday to be able to reach that level.

I worked very hard during the off-season and feel very good about the level
of may game entering the 2001-02 season. Our coaching staff put us through
a tough workout program during the summer and in the last months heading up
to the season.

We lifted nearly every day this summer, shout on our own four-five times a
week and played pick-up games nearly every day. There were a number of
weekends that we all stayed on campus and did extra work on Saturday and

We felt that we had to improve as individual players during the off-season
in order to improve as a team during the preseason. I feel we accomplished
our goal of getting better and am all very excited about the upcoming season.

As for my game against Clemson in the ACC Tournament, I was only doing what
I had to do to help us win the game. Unfortunately, my effort was not good
enough. This season, we will all play better because we are better
players. I hope that my game against Clemson is a preview of how we will
see every player on the team perform each night.

Great question and thanks for the kind words.

Which-Seminole : ANTWUAN DIXON

Thanks for your question. I’ll try to answer it as best I can.

You can become a basketball player at Florida State by working hard at your
game at on your academics. The only substitute for hard work is a miracle
and those don’t come around too often.

So, that is my suggestion to you — work hard at everything you do.

Thanks and keep supporting the Seminoles.

Which-Seminole : Any
Name : Gaibe Thompkins
City : Ozark, Al
Question : Is it any way possible to make the FSU basketball team just by
walking on? What all is required to make the team?

We have walk-on tryouts each season for the men’s basketball team. We are
always looking for ways to find players who will fit into our system here
at Florida State.

You need to be a student at Florida State in order to earn a tryout.

Contact the basketball office with any questions.

Thanks for your interest in Seminole basketball.

Which-Seminole : Trevor Harvey
Name : Larry DeCamp
City : Marshalltown, IA
Question : Just checking in to see how things are going for you. I will be
following your progress here on the Seminole web site and TV Games. Are
your hands still like ice cubes when you finish working out? That should
help you remember who I am. Official score keeper and fan. Good luck Trevor

Mr. DeCamp —

Thanks so much for you note. I didn’t remember who it was until I thought
about it for a
second. I really appreciate hearing from you.

I had surgery for a hernia last Thursday and am recovering well. I went
into the hospital in the early afternoon and was out by dinner
time. Unfortunately, it will set me back in my training and conditioning a
little bit, but I should be ready for the beginning of the season against
Florida on Nov. 16.

I really like it here at Florida State. Coach Robinson is a wonderful
person and I am going to really enjoy playing for him. All of my teammates
have been very supportive and we are all anxious to get going.

My classes are going well and I am working to keep up with all of the work.

I made a good choice in coming to Florida State.

And yes, my hands are still like ice cubes when I finish working out. Say
hello to everyone for me. Thanks for writing me – write back as often as
you can.

Which-Seminole : N. Dixon
Name : Oscar Hale
City : Orlando Fl.
Question : Where’s my shirt?

Hey Oscar — I will put a shirt in the mail for you next week — I promise
my man.

Which-Seminole : Michael Joiner
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : Last season you showed the ability to help the team in many
different ways. I would like to know what parts of your game did you focus
on during the off-season and how helpful are the individual workout
sessions with the coaches?

Mr. Johnson – if you are at our open practice Saturday, I would like to
meet you. Thanks you for your support on the “Chat with the Seminoles”
segment of our website.

During the off-season, I have worked very hard on improving many aspects of
my game. I have worked on becoming consistent with my 15-foot jumper. I
have worked on my dribbling and my abilities to go both left and right when
I am dribbling. I have also worked very hard in the weight room to improve
my strength in order to improve my game in the post.

The off-season workouts with the coaching staff have been invaluable to my
game. They have especially helped me improve my conditioning. I feel that
the drills have helped me work on my skills through repetition. I want
many aspects of my game to become second nature so that I can continue to
improve many areas and not just a couple. I want to become a complete
player as we become a complete team.

Thanks for your support.

Go Noles!

Which-Seminole : Antwuan Dixon
Name : Kenneth Cunningham Sr.
City : Chattanooga, TN
Question : Hey how is it playing basketball down at Florida State because
my son wants to come down and play basketball for coach Robinson.

Kenneth – thank you for your question and your interest in the Seminole
men’s basketball team. We are happy that we have fans from all across the

I love going to school and playing basketball at Florida State. I was a
member of Coach Robinson’s first recruiting class at Florida State and am
glad every day that I decided to be a Seminole.

Academically, this school has everything I was looking for. It’s great for
my major, the classes are not very big and the professors are very willing
to help you in any way they can. In addition, the academic support unit
for the student-athletes is great. We have a counselor, Kevin White, who I
have been able to work with throughout my career here. He is able to give
us personal attention that I don’s know I would have received anywhere else.

Athletically, I am very happy playing for coach Robinson. He puts us first
and I know that I can go to him with anything. He is a great coach and as
good a teacher. I feel that my game is improving each day playing under
coach Robinson. I can’t imagine myself having played under any other coach
during my collegiate career.

Florida State is the place to be and coach Robinson is taking the
basketball program into the nation’s elite. Count on it!

Thanks and keep your questions coming.

Which-Seminole : Monte Cummings
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : Last season you provided a lot of points and excitement to the
team in your first year. Do you think you will be able to be as productive
this season with the extra attention the ACC will give to you on defense?

Thanks for your question. As a member of the Seminole men’s basketball
team, we really appreciate the support you have given us.

I hope that I will be as productive this season as I was last season. Last
season was a learning experience and that’s what I tried to do – learn the
game of basketball at the Division I level. I’m was happy that I played
well and are going to play harder this season I order for us to achieve
team success. One of my favorite saying is “there is no I in team.’ I owe
a lot of credit to my teammates. Without them, I wouldn’t get the ball in
position to score so often.

I spent the entire summer working on my outside/midrange game. I hope to
be able to make this team a bigger threat from the guard position. If we
can all improve as players, we can improve as a team and that is our No. 1

Please continue to cheer for us. We will not let you down. Thanks for
being a fan.

Which-Seminole: Ryan Lowery
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : I watched the team practice Saturday and was very impressed by
what I saw in the players and coaches. What drills or activities do the
players look forward to during practice? Why are you wearing those knee braces?

Roland — thanks for your questions and your interest in Florida State
basketball. We appreciate the fact that you were at our scrimmage on
Saturday. Thanks to you and all of the people who came out on Saturday. It
means a great deal to us.

The most anticipated parts of practice are scrimmages. We look forward to
the opportunity to compete against one another in a game-like setting. We
had a scrimmage yesterday (Tuesday) and it went very well. After a while
practicing against each other gets old.

I wear knee braces to relieve some of the pressure placed on my knees when
I play. I don’t even notice I have them on any more.

Thanks for supporting the Seminole basketball team.

Which-Seminole : J.D. Bracy
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : Every time I read something about Seminole B-ball and your name
is mentioned work ethic is always sure to follow. How did you develop this
work ethic?

Roland – you are our best fan! Thanks for your question – it was my first.

I have always been known as a gym rat – ever since I can remember. I love
the game of basketball, I love playing the game of basketball and I love
competing. The only way to improve as a player is to work at the game of
basketball. I really want to improve my game, so I have to work very hard
in the weightroom, with my conditioning and especially in the classroom.

I kind of liken myself to a computer. I have a hard drive that is
programmed to drive hard inside of me. I was programmed to have a work
ethic that pushes me to improve each and every day.

My love for the game drives me to become the best basketball player I can be.

Thanks for your question and keep them coming.


Which-Seminole : Marcel Haywood
Name : Roland Johnson
City : Tallahassee, FL
Question : What did it feel like after defeating Maryland on the road last
year? What did you guys do in the hours after the game? Did you guys get a
laugh when Delvon jumped on the scorer’s table after the game?

Roland – thanks for your support and all of your great questions.

Beating Maryland felt great least season. We worked hard in our
preparation to get the job done. It’s a really great feeling for a team to
work so hard and receive the rewards of winning against such a great team.

Cole Field House is a really tough place to play and we held our composure
throughout the game.

Yes, we chuckled a little bit when Delvon jumped on the scorer’s table
after the victory. We all felt like jumping on the table.

Thanks for your question.

Which-Seminole : starting point guard
Name : Darrell Byrd
City : Austin Texas78753
Question : What skills does it take to be a point guard. What different
about college basketball in terms of grades and attitude. I’m in the 8th
grade and would like to someday play college basketball. What do I need to
know now to get ready… Darrell Bryd

Thanks very much for your question Darrell and for your support of Seminole
basketball. This is the first question I have received from Texas.

I’m going to break your question into three parts.

1. There are many skills that you need to have to be a point guard at the
Division I level. You need to be able to dribble, shot and think well at
all times. I you work on these skills and many others on a consistent
basis, I’m sure your skills will come along and you can play at this level,

2. The big difference at the collegiate level is that you are playing
against great players every day, in both practice and in games. That means
you have no time to slack off of another player will take the ball away
from you. The difference in terms of grades and attitude is that they are
all up to you. You are going to make things what you make them and that’s
all on you. The academic load is bigger in college and you have more
responsibility. When you learn how to manage your time, you can make it in
college just fine.

3. You need to give your all to everything you do. You have to do this
everyday. You need to give more than the next person because that is going
to get you prepared for the future.

Keep playing hard.

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