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Chat With The Seminoles, October 26

Oct. 26, 2001

Which-Seminole : Anthony Richardson
Question : Are you happy being on the team?

Christy —

Thanks you for your email and supporting Seminole basketball.

I am very happy to be on the Florida State University men’s basketball
team. It was something I worked very hard to be a part of . It has always
been a goal of mine to play at the highest level. No that I have achieved
getting her and being on the team, I have to continue to improve my game.

Go Seminoles!

Anthony Richardson

Which-Seminole : Adam Krieg
Question : Do you guys use a scout team during practice to simulate future
opponents tactics? My other question is how often do you guys get to
practice at the Leon Co. civic center in order to feel at home when you
play during games?

Roland, thanks for your support throughout the preseason and we hope to see
you at Fan Day at the Civic Center on Thursday.

We do use a scot team in practice before each game. Our coaching staff
does a great job of scouring the opponent. Coach Robinson and his staff do
a great job of finding the opponents’ tendencies and what their plays
are. Once they watch the film, we go over their plays in practice to set
up our defense and put in our offensive scheme against the opponents.

We do practice at the Leon County Civic Center during the season. We have
not practiced there yet this season because the court is being redone. It
will look a little bit different this season than it did last season. It
is tough to squeeze time in on the court before each game but we do
practice up their quite a bit.

Once our new practice facility is done, we will move up there and have own
place to practice in. Mr Hart and the Department of Athletics are very
supportive of the men’s basketball team and have worked hard to make the
new facility a reality.

Thanks for your question

Adam Krieg

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