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Chat with the Seminoles, October 30

Oct. 30, 2001

Which-Seminole: Michael Joiner #1 (100 Grand)
Question: Just wanted to say have a great season.
Stay focused and strong, and never forget the little people who have your
back always. It’s your time to shine 100 Grand loves you

Hello 100 Grand!

Thanks for your letter. I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Our season begins Nov. 16 against Florida.

I’ll call soon.

Love, Michael

Which-Seminole: M. Vincent Joiner
Question: Your athletic prowess has always had you in the limelight,
earning you a lot of attention and often-undue criticism from your
high-school peers. Do you find that people are less apt to judge you
harshly or construct some preconceived notion of you now that you’re
playing on the university level?

Ms. King — thanks for you letter. I hope you and Juan are doing well.

I do find the people back at home in Fayetteville is less apt to judge me
because of what I’ve done. I am very proud of what I have been able to
accomplish with the help of my family, my coaches and my teammates. Being
away from Fayetteville, even being away from North Carolina and being a new
face in Tallahassee, I have found it harder for me to have any room for
making mistakes because of the fans preconceived notion of me. I just have
to continue being me. Some people have said some tough things but most
have been fair.

I just hope to go on being Michael Joiner and being true to my family, my
friends and my teammates.

Thank you for writing and take care.

Go Noels!

Michael Joiner

Which-Seminole: Anthony Richardson
Question: Good luck this year. What’s the biggest difference between HS
basketball and College ball?

What’s up son?

The biggest difference between playing high school basketball and playing
college basketball is that you have to work harder to score at this
level. The play is at a much faster pace and all of the players are strong
and fast. That makes it tougher to get to the basket and tougher to gets
shots off.

I love playing for coach Robinson because he is a great teacher of the game
of basketball. I have learned a great deal in a short time and already
know that my game has improved.

I am looking forward to the beginning of the season on Nov. 16 against Florida.

Thanks for your letter.


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