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Chipping And Putting With Women’s Golfer Caroline Westrup

May 2, 2008

  • Caroline Westrup talks about playing in the NCAA Women’s Golf Championship

    Caroline Westrup and her teammates are currently preparing to play in the NCAA Central Regional women’s golf championship at the University of Texas next week. In between practice rounds in Tallahassee she sat down with to talk about her tournament preparation, her biggest accomplishments during her career at Florida State and what she wishes her super power could be.

    What do you do to prepare yourself to approach the first tee of a tournament?
    On my way to the course I listen to music to pump myself up and get in a good mood. Then I go through the course hole by hole and envision myself making a birdie on each hole. I then head for the putting green and chip and putt for about 15 minutes just to get a good feeling. After that it’s off to the driving range where I stretch and hit balls for around 30 minutes. I close out my routine after hitting balls as I head back to putting green and make some shorter putts to get my confidence up to a high lever. When I feel I am ready to play it’s off to the first tee.”

    Are you nervous when you step up to the first tee? If so, how do you calm yourself enough to strike the ball well?”
    “Yes, I am nervous but that is how I want to feel on the first tee because that gives me adrenaline and helps me get more pumped up to play my round. If I am too nervous I need to calm down. A couple of ways I calm myself down are talking to Coach Dillman or Coach Quinney or I focus on something away from golf.”

    Is there a special or lucky design you mark your golf balls with before each round?

    Yes, I draw a green four-leaf clover on my ball and that makes me feel good as I start my round.”

    What is your personal strength and weakness (on or off the golf course)?
    “I feel that my greatest strength is the confidence I have in myself. I go into every event knowing that I can win the individual championship and that our team can win every team championship. I am also very confident in my driving ability off of the tee. That ability allows me to get closer to the hole in fewer shots which give me more chances to make more birdies on a greater number of holes. I feel that my biggest weakness is my short game. As I continue to improve around the green I feel that I can improve my all around game.”

    What has been you biggest accomplishment at Florida State?
    My biggest accomplishment is the awesome fact that I am a student-athlete at Florida State University. I love being at Florida State and I am happy to be here and to be able to be associated with a great program and a great university. My coaches have helped me improve and the facilities help me become a better player each day. I feel that I have become both a better person and a better golfer since my arrival to Florida State. We have won a number of tournaments since I have been here but one of my most memorable moments is when we won the team championship at LSU this year.”

    What goes through your mind when you stand over a five-foot putt?
    “The only though that goes through my mind is that I am going to make the putt.”

    What is your nickname? How did you get it? Who gave it to you?
    I have a couple of nicknames. Carro (back home they call me that so my teammates started it here too) then Westy (for my last name) and then Carol (started by Whitney Brummett). I will answer to all of them.”

    Do you have any superstitions and what are they?
    “I fell the most comfortable when I prepare myself the same way before each tournament. I play with the same combination of golf galls – I start off with number 2, then 4 and on the last day 1. I always have number 1 when I’m involved in match play to show that I am confident about being the best golfer on that day.

    “What are your plans when your collegiate season is over at the end of the 2008 season?
    “I am going home to Sweden over the summer to play in the European championship and some tournaments in Europe. I am planning on playing the British Open qualifiers. In the fall I want to come back to school ready to lead our team to championships as well as play the world championship as a member of the Swedish national team. The event will be played in Australia this year.”

    I am in five words…
    …Honest, loving, positive, goal oriented, happy

    Nobody knows…
    …How much I care about my friends

    I wish I could…

    I’ve always had a crush on…
    …Brad Pitt

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