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Chris Hope Diary – His Favorite Things

Aug. 17, 2001

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  • Florida State’s All-American safety Chris Hope is one of two Seminole players on this year’s team who is looking to play in his fourth consecutive National Championship game, as the 2001 season gets under way. He stopped by and discussed what it would mean to him to play in the Rose Bowl this season, his most memorable hit and what kind of music he listens to in his Daily Drill with

    What Would It Mean To You To Play In A Fourth Consecutive National Championship Game?

    To play in four consecutive national championship games would be a great accomplishment for my teammates and myself. It would rank the Seminoles’ recruiting class of 1998 as one of the best classes to have played college football. If we can go out and win the national championship it would be one of the best accomplishments I have had during my football career.

    What’s More Satisfying, A Bone Jarring Tackle That Stops A Drive Or An Interception?

    Since I play safety, I would have to go with a bone jarring tackle as a more satisfying play. Interceptions are very important and I love those, but as a safety I would take the hit over an interception. There’s nothing like going into a television timeout after knocking an opponent’s helmet off.

    What Is Your Most Memorable Play (Tackle or Interception) That You Have Made During Your Career At Florida State?

    My most memorable interception came against Florida my sophomore year. It came at the goal line and helped preserve our 30-23 win in their stadium. They were driving for the end zone and unfortunately I had just given up a play inside of our 20-yard line that got them closer to scoring. On that play, I lost my man in coverage and they got inside the 20. If they had scored, they would have tied the game. Fortunately, I was able to make a big play and make up for my mistake.

    My most memorable tackle came during my senior year in high school. We were playing a tight game against Lexton and I made a tackle that knocked a couple of teeth out of one of my opponents. I don’t think I will ever forget that hit.

    What Is Your Favorite Pre-Game Meal?

    The favorite pre-game meal of the entire secondary is boneless chicken with barbeque sauce. We often have jokes about the sauce running off the chicken looking like blood. We get very upset with (trainer) Randy Oravetz when he doesn’t put that item on the menu. The pre-game meal consists of salad, pasta, chicken, a potato and a steak that we get to choose from.

    Do You Have Any Pre-Game Rituals?

    My pre-game ritual begins as we’re sitting on the bus on the way to the game. I usually try to listen to a church-song on the bus and a rap song just before we leave the lockerroom to go onto the field. Right before I go on the field, I say a prayer to myself.

    Finish This Sentence: The One Thing Nobody Knows About Coach Andrews Is:

    Coach Andrews is a nice guy he just drives a hard bargain when he is coaching on the field. He is tough but fair. But the one thing that most people don’t know about him is if you want to make a joke with him or about him you have to catch him when he is with his wife.

    If We Went Out To Your Truck, What CD Would We Find In The Stereo?

    In the CD player in my truck right now you would probably find music by Notorious BIG or Jada Kiss.

    Who Is The Hardest Hitter On This Year’s Seminole Team?

    The hardest hitters on this year’s Seminole team, pound for pound, are Yohance Buchanan and Bradley Jennings.

    Who Is Your Favorite NFL Team And Why?

    My favorite NFL team is the San Francisco 49’ers. The 49’ers have been my favorite team since 1985. Before that, I liked the Chicago Bears because Walter Payton was my favorite player. In 1985, the 49’ers defeated the Bears and Payton retired after the game. My thought after that game was `If you can’t beat them, join them.’ Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice were members of the 49’ers at that time, and they have always been two of my favorite players.

    What Is Your Favorite Stadium To Play In And Why?

    My favorite stadiums to play in are Death Valley in Clemson, S.C. and The Swamp in Gainesville. Both stadiums are really alive and the fans stay in to the game for all four quarters. As a defender, I am able to feed into that emotion. The loud crowds motivate and excite me so I don’t feel like I get tired during the games. Because of those factors, I am always looking to make a big play.

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