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Chris Hope Diary: Preparing For Success

Sept. 27, 2001

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    Chris Hope and his Florida State teammates continue their home schedule against Wake Forest Saturday. Hope is in his fourth season with the team and took through the preparations for a home game in his Weekly Drill prior to Saturday’s 7:00 p.m. kickoff against the Demon Deacons.

    What Is The Bus Ride To Thomasville Like?

    “We usually have a lot of fun on the bus ride to Thomasville (Ga.) where we stay in a hotel on the night before a home game. We leave the locker room at about 8 p.m. for the one-hour drive. We usually crack jokes and play pranks on each other during the ride before we have to get serious and begin to focus on Saturday’s game when we arrive at the hotel.”

    Does The Team Do Anything Differently The Night Before A Home Game As Compared To The Night Before An Away Game?

    “Our Friday routine for home games is different during our routine for away games. We don’t meet as much the night before a home game because those meetings take place in the afternoon since we are not traveling all day Friday. We meet with Coach Bowden and then usually go straight to our rooms. Depending on what time of day the game is on Saturday, we might meet with Coach Andrews before going to our rooms. Depending on how late the game is on Saturday, we may have meetings on Saturday.”

    What Does The Team Do Differently on Saturday Knowing That The Game Against Wake Forest Is a Night Game As Compared To Last Week’s Noon Kickoff Against North Carolina?

    “Because the game against North Carolina was a noon, we ate breakfast at 8 a.m. which was our pre-game meal. We left the hotel at about 9:30 and were on the field warming- up by 10 a.m. With the game against Wake Forest being a late game, we are going to have breakfast between 9 and 10. Our day will be dictated on what time Coach Andrews meets with us. After our meeting with Coach Andrews, we watch the other games on television until it is time for pre-game meal. After we finish pre-game meal its time to load the bus and to go the stadium.”

    Do You Look For The Stadium On The Horizon On The Bus Ride To The Game? If So, What Is That Feeling?

    “On the bus ride to the stadium, I am very focused and don’t really notice what is going on outside my realm of concentration. The ride to the stadium was different for me when I was a freshman and was excited to play in the stadium. I’m still very excited to play in Doak, but I have to focus my energy on preparing myself mentally for the game. When I was younger I would pay attention to the fans on the side of the road and to the brilliance of the stadium as we approached Tallahassee.”

    What Is Feeling When The Buses Pull Into the Doak Campbell Stadium Parking Lots?

    “The Seminole fans are the greatest in the country. They know how big each game is and they help us get excited and focused for each game. It is a great feeling to see the fans lining the road, tailgating and getting as excited as we are to play the game. It is a very motivating feeling to drive into the stadium and see the support that we get from our fans.”

    How Exciting Is Breaking Through The Seminole Head When The Team Comes Out On The Field?

    “Breaking through the Seminole head as the team comes out of the locker room is one of the most exciting feelings that I have been through during my time as a player at Florida State. The emotion that is built up in the tunnel is amazing. That is a feeling I will always treasure. As a senior co-captain this season, we walk out on the field before the team breaks through the head. It is a great sight to see the garnet and gold come busting though the Seminole head and onto the field.”

    What Are Your Feelings When Osecola And Renegade Go To The Center Of The Field To Throw The Spear?

    “That is a wonderful tradition that sends chills up my spine. It let’s everyone in the stadium and everyone watching on television know that we are on the field and ready to continue the tradition of Florida State football. It let’s our opponent know we are in our home stadium and the Seminole football team is on the field. It’s very exciting, very motivating and as a player, you don’t want to let that tradition down.”

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