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Chris Hope Diary – Sense of Accomplishment

Aug. 23, 2001

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    Chris Hope and his teammates close out two-a-day practices on Thursday and begin practicing in earnest for Florida State’s season opener against Duke on Sept. 1. Hope discussed what being an All-American means to him, the best advice he has ever received and created the ultimate Florida State football player as he stopped by for his Daily Drill on

    With The Close Of Two-A-Day Practices Today, Do You Feel A Sense Of Accomplishment?

    With the close of two-a-day practices I do feel a sense of accomplishment because I made it through healthy and I practiced hard every day we were on the field. I went out every day and tried to get better in some aspect of my game. I tried to get better at staying low, breaking on the ball and my defensive reads. One thing that I really concentrated on was reading what the offense was going to do before the ball was snapped. I’m glad it’s over. Other than the injuries to Anquan Boldin, Robert Morgan and Otis Duhart, I am pleased with how the team practiced during two-a-days. As a team we suffered injuries but we came out of the two weeks pretty well. Every team is going to have bumps and bruises and player sitting out but besides those big injuries, we made it through pretty well.

    You Were Named A Pre-Season All-America By ABC Sports Online Yesterday. What Does Earning Pre-Season All-America Honors Mean To You?

    Being named a pre-season All-American is an indication of what the media and college football fans think of my play and how I stand against other players at my position. It’s a great honor but it won’t mean anything if I don’t make the All-American teams at the end of the season. Being a pre-season All-American usually comes from the potential people think you have and your success from the previous season. Hopefully, I can play well throughout the season and be named All-American at the end of the year.

    When Did You Know You Wanted To Be A Football Player?

    I have always been an athlete and I played every sport I could when I was growing up. I was always outside as a kid and riding bikes, running, playing kickball, dodgeball and every game that I could become involved in. I just went out and played. There wasn’t really one day I decided I wanted to become a football player. I was interested in sports and I continued to play and work hard at every sport that I played. I was fortunate enough to develop into a good athlete.

    How Have You Prepared Yourself To Be Where You Are Today?

    Throughout my childhood and into high school I played basketball and football the most. I was determined that I was going to get a scholarship to play one of those sports in college. I didn’t want my parents to have to pay for me to go to school. I was either going to get a scholarship for academics or one of the sports I was involved in playing. I was very involved in AAU basketball when I was growing up. We won a couple of national championships and I was voted the team MVP a couple of times so I really thought I was going to be a basketball player. I could dribble and shoot well and I was big and strong for my age. I made the varsity football team in high school and because of two-a-days I was unable to go to the summer basketball camps. I began to lift weights and practice football more than basketball at that time. That’s when I turned my focus to football and away from basketball.

    How Have You Prepared Yourself To Be Where You Are Today?

    First of all, I have to give God the highest praises for putting my in the position to be successful. I have put all of my faith in him because it could very easily be somebody else being the All-American or one of the leaders of this football team. I have stayed humble throughout my life while working hard to reach the goals that I have set for myself. I have always worked hard and gone the extra lifting or the extra running lap to get ahead and make myself a better person and a better athlete.

    As A Communications Major, What Have You Learned That Has Helped You Work With The Media?

    As a communications major, I have learned to interact with the media in many different ways. I have learned to speak well, focus my thoughts and answer questions thoughtfully and with meaning. I have also learned to develop a plan of what I want to talk about, to speak clearly and to communicate my thoughts to the reporters as they ask their questions.

    What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

    The best advice I ever received was to always be humble and that is very important to me in everything I do. I was also taught to pick a role model and try to improve on what I could learn from that person. As a child, I looked up to football players such as Walter Payton, Jeff Burris, Gerald Dixon and Tony Rice. Those players have made it big in the sport of football and are in the NFL. I have taken something from each of my role models and have tried to incorporate those things into my life and my game. I know that if I could be the same as those men, I would be very successful. I also know that if I can be better tan them I could reach the highest level.

    If You Could Create A Football Player And Use Various Parts Of Florida State Teammates, Both Past And Present, Who Would You Draw From?

    Heart: Tay Cody and Reggie Durden. Tay and Reggie weren’t the biggest players on the field when they played but size never made a difference to them. They played hard on every down and during every game. As the saying goes `it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but it’s the size of the fight in the dog and that says it all about those two players.

    Determination: Derrick Brooks. The coaching staff often tells the story of when Derrick Brook when he first came to Florida State as a safety. He wasn’t shifty enough to play safety so the coaches moved him to linebacker. He began two-a-days at third our fourth on the depth chart and was a starter in the first game of the season. He worked really hard and was determined to be a starter.

    Work Ethic: Stanford Samules and Jamal Reynolds. Jamal was blessed with strength, speed and size but he still worked as hard as any player I have ever been around. Stanford has persevered through a couple of knee injuries and isn’t the strongest player on the team but he works harder than any player I have seen since I have been here. All of the players at Florida State work hard, but Stanford always goes the extra mile.

    Speed: Laveraneus Coles. He is flat out the fastest guy I have ever played against.

    Endurance: Robert Morgan. He always plays at full speed and always came to camp in the best shape of any of the players on the team.

    Football Knowledge: Chris Weinke. Since I arrived at Florida State, Chris Weinke has known the game of football better than anybody else on the team. It makes the game much easier when you know what your opponents are doing at all times. Weinke could study any defense, find their weakness, and know how to compete against it. When he came to the line of scrimmage, he could look at a defense, change the offensive play quickly and hit the nail on the head with the play he called.

    Strength : Antoine Mirambeau and Montrae Holland. Both players are incredibly strong and show their strength every day in practice. Their ability to block and push players out of the way and is something that I have never seen before.

    Explosiveness: Peter Warrick. He could stop and go on a pass pattern in a split second. As a defender you think you have him covered but in a split second he can explode and take off past you.

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