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Chris Hope Diary – Summer Practice, Summer Heat

Aug. 16, 2001

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  • Florida State’s All-American safety Chris Hope discussed motivation, heat and the toughest player he has ever played against in his Daily Drill with Hope and it teammates are working their way through two-a-day practices which end Aug. 23. The Seminoles open the 2001 season against Duke on Sept. 1.

    What Types Of Things Do You and Your Teammates Do To Motivate Yourselves During Practice?

    We try to motivate each other by being leaders every minute we are on the field. We have a good group of defensive backs who are always pushing each other to be better and improve every time we go to practice. We try to be the first in line in all of the drills and encourage the rest of the players on the team to do the same. As a senior, I always try to pick up the slack for when others players are down or feeling sorry for themselves. We even try to crack jokes in order to get everybody energetic and flying around the field. Our thought, as players, is that we have do be out here so we should get something of each practice and improve as much as we can.

    Complete This Sentence: The Hardest Thing About Practice Right Now Is…

    The hardest thing about practice is waking up in the morning and getting started because your body is sore. The first couple of practice periods are hard because you have to get you body started. The first couple of periods are usually special teams or fundamental drills and you have to play them at full speed. That is the hardest thing because you may not be fully warmed up that early. But, as practice goes on, you get warmed up and your legs get loose which allows you to get fully into the flow for the entire session.

    How Tough Is Practicing In The Heat?

    The heat, for me personally, doesn’t make me tired it just makes me feel sluggish. My mind knows it’s hot, and it just seems to zap some of my energy. It doesn’t make you where you can’t move or where you can’t work any harder than you have been, I think it is something in your mind.

    We’ve Spoke A Lot About Your Football Practice Day Schedule, Tell Us What A Day Off Is Like?

    Our only off day during two-a-days in Sunday, so the biggest difference is that you get another hour of sleep. After church in the morning, we have to come and watch film that is usually from the Saturday scrimmage. An off day is another day to get better just not one the field.

    What Other Positions Have You Played During Your Football Career? What’s Your Favorite Position?

    During my high school career, I played running back, wide receiver and strong safety, which is considered to be a rover in the Florida State system. I played those positions again as a sophomore. As a junior and senior I played only running back and free safety and focused on those two positions. That way I was able to play both ways and not come off the field. My favorite position is safety, but I have always liked scoring touchdowns.

    Who Is The Toughest Player You Have Ever Played Against And Why?

    The toughest player I have ever played against was Anthony Simmons of Clemson during my freshman year here at Florida State. He is now playing with the Seattle Seahawks.

    Which Is The Toughest Team You Have Played Against And Why?

    The toughest team I have every played against was Miami during the 2000 season. They were really hungry and wanted to beat us badly. They played a lot harder then they had played against us in my first two seasons here and never gave up during the game.

    What Is The Best Thing About Being A Senior?

    The best thing about being a senior is the opportunities you get to show your leadership. It is a good feeling when everyone looks up to you and you have earned the respect of the coaching staff. I am also able to do fun things like working on this diary.

    What Strikes You Most About This Years Freshman Class?

    The most impressive thing about this year’s freshman class is that they are really eager to learn and get better. All of the players came in big, strong and fast something that is unusual for a freshman class. They are a very strong class throughout. You have a couple of exceptional players like Adrian McPherson, Dominic Robinson and Eric Shelton who stand out but they are all very level headed and are all looking to get better.

    Have You Reached Out To A Member Of The Freshman Class? How?

    I hosted Eric Shelton when he came on his recruiting visit so I have tried to help him through the first week of practice. I try to take care of him whenever he needs something like giving him a ride when he needs to pick something up or go to the store. Within my segment, I have become friendly with Jerome Carter and Gerard Ross. I enjoy coaching them and teaching them in practice. One day I am going to come back and see how they have improved their game and be able to take some pride in being able to say that I helped them when I come back.

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