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Chris Rix and Michael Boulware Interviewed for Sunshine Network Live

July 18, 2002

Thursday afternoon, Florida State quarterback Chris Rix and linebacker Michael Boulware joined host Glen Dehmer in-studio for a special edition of Sunshine Network LIVE! airing Friday, July 19, at 6:30 p.m. Chris and Michael discussed, among other things, the upcoming 2002 season, their off-seasons so far, and their thoughts on the 2001 season. Quotes from the special are included below.


On the chance of him playing baseball in the future:

“It’s a possibility. If we win the national championship in football, I might play baseball for
Florida State. I’ve expressed interest before, so we’ll see how it goes.”

On whether or not he’ll run as often as last season:

“This year I’ll definitely be sitting back in the pocket more and not taking off running so early or as often as I did. I think I just needed to get some of that stuff out of my system.”

On FSU playing an extra game this season:

“I think it’s a good thing. It’ll help us in the BCS strength of schedule component. No team has ever gone 14-0, so we have a chance to make some history this season.”

His thoughts on this year’s squad:

“We think we’re the best team in the country and we’ll prove it this Fall. I think we could’ve beaten Florida and Miami last season, but this year we’ll be even hungrier.”

On the difference between last season and this season:

“Last year was an on-the-job learning experience for myself. This year i can focus on the
other guys more instead of just focusing on myself.”


On the defense’s performance last season:

“Last year we may have been overconfident even though we were so young. The defense didn’t help the offense the way we should’ve. Hopefully this year will be different.”

On his relationship with his brother, Peter, a former All-American at FSU:

“I think it’s a blessing. Whenever I put that #58 jersey on, it’s a reminder of how I should play. Having my brother to talk to is a blessing. I can always call and ask him questions, because he’s been through it all, which helps me out a lot.”

On having to switch to defense when he arrived on campus as a freshman after playing wide receiver all through high school:

“It was tough at first. I still wish I could catch a pass or two. But my mindset is on defense now and I like it.”

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