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Clark Part Of Elite Workshop

Jan. 8, 2011




TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Charles Clark was selected among the best USA Track and Field athletes of 2009-2010 seasons. As a collegiate athlete, he falls under the category of Tier 2 after placing in the top eight in the most recent World Championship Games.

Clark will be traveling to Orlando, Fla. this weekend to take part in one of the most prolific Sports Performance Workshops in the country.

The program that Clark will participate in is designed to utilize sports science resources in an applied method to help athletes and coaches enhance performance and optimize training. There will be four stations of test: Functional Movement Screening, Biomechanical Analysis, Sport Psychology, and Nutritional Counseling. 

“This is a blessing an honor to be chosen amongst the best in the world,” Clark said. “The Workshop that USATF is providing added on to what my coach, Ken Harnden, has been teaching me throughout my years at FSU. I know I will see greater outcome. It’s a great way to start the new year.”

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