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Clay Shiver Bio

Hall of Fame Class: 2001 (Football)

Clay Shiver grew up in the shadows of Seminole Territory. In his back yard he was usually the quarterback for the fantasy game. He never dreamed of becoming an All-America hero at center but that’s just what he did.

In 1993, Shiver perfected the shotgun snap for a quarterback named Charlie Ward. He gave up just ½ a sack over 700 snaps to help lead the team to its first National Championship trophy. By the 1995 campaign, Shiver had become one of the top linemen in the country. He was a dominating blocker with quickness to pass block in FSU’s intricate offensive system. Shiver was named to the Football Writer’s first team All-America squad and the Scipps Howard All-America team. He was a three-time All-ACC selection and received numerous ACC Player of the Week honors. In his junior and senior years, Shiver was awarded the prestigious Jacobs Trophy presented annually to the best blocker in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

In 1996, Shiver was the first Seminole selected to the NFL draft, the 67th overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys. Shiver played in 14 games for Dallas his first season, started in all 16 games in ’97 and nine games in the ’98 campaign. After three seasons with Dallas he became a free agent, signing in ’99 with Denver and Carolina before having to give up the game with a shoulder injury.

Clay Shiver Bio
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