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Clean Pull

Clean Pull

The clean pull is the first phase of a power clean. The clean pull is broken
down for teaching purposes into two pulls: the Primary Pull and the Second Pull.

  • Starting Position
    – feet shoulder width, toes slightly pointed outward
    – arms straight, just outside legs, knees bent
    – chest is tall, back is flat
    – the bar rests on the ground touching the shins

  • Primary Pull (to top of the knees)
    – center of gravity remains over the heels
    – maintain a tight, flat back throughout the lift
    – the angle of the torso and hips should not get smaller as the bar raises
    – elbows are still fully extended and turned outward

  • Secondary Pull (accelerate and explode)
    – center of gravity moves from the heels to the balls of the feet
    – finishing with an aggressive extension of the ankles, and shrug of the shoulders
    – elbows remain fully extended and turned outward
    – this movement should feel like a resisted vertical jump

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