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Coach Semrau Says…

Oct. 24, 2003

The Florida State women’s basketball team held its annual preseason Media Day on Friday. Head Coach Sue Semrau addressed the group and then the players were made available for one-on-one interviews. Here’s a brief look at Coach Sue’s comments about the 2003-04 Seminoles.


“Our theme this year is “you gotta rise” and I think you can see by the intensity of our practices, the competitiveness has gone up which challenges each player to be a better player everyday. Today, we got a little bit of an extra opportunity to scrimmage at the end of practice which was really the first time we tried to put it together for more than four minutes at a time. We are now in day six of practice and I think I made a mistake after day one of feeling like, ‘Well we have 10 veterans and talented newcomers coming in, we can maybe make a little bit of a jump ahead and start beyond where we were last year at this time.’ What I realized is that you still have to teach the fundamentals, you still have to go back, but they pick them up a lot quicker now.”

(on this year’s system)

“Defensively, we are going to stay with our same system, probably adding more of a pressing attack because of the depth that we have in the wing area. That’s going to be a real weapon for us this year. We are going to push the ball as hard and fast as we can in transition. Last year, we didn’t have a lot of depth and speed really to be able to get our hands on as many balls as we needed to. Yesterday, at the end of practice, we ran a short four-minute game, the score was 6-2 with 30 seconds to go. Shante (Williams) and Alicia (Gladden) have played on the same AAU team for years. One of the things that they did so well was press and the two of them combined, in 30 seconds, got their hands on balls in the back court and tied the game at the buzzer. I really think this will be something we can use to shake things up.”

(on NCAA Tournament First and Second Round being in Tallahassee)
“We’ve talked about it since we were awarded the site. I knew when we bid for it, we would have a great shot at it because we are one of three schools in Florida that they really would have been taking a hard look at. When they awarded us that site, it was something that even motivated them (the team) during the course of the summer. Obviously getting to the NCAA Tournament is one thing, but having the opportunity to have two home games in the NCAA Tournament is such a great opportunity for any team.”

(on what FSU learned from going 2-6 in the second half of the ACC schedule last year)

“This whole climb at Florida State has been kind of like a roller coaster. You’re climbing up and just waiting. We had a little dip and then went back to climbing again. We, really as a program, need to get a mentality and get through different mentalities that have been here in the past. For example, we were 7-2 in the conference at that time and we had a bye week, a week before our next game. As much as it felt good, we thought don’t be satisfied with this, you haven’t done anything yet. Everybody on campus was patting them (the players) on the back and I think they felt good about that. Then we had a close loss coming up in that next game and then, you go back to that mentality of, ‘oh are we okay?’ People rushed shots. Tasheika (Allen), I think, started to shoulder that burden herself, but I think what she’s seeing is us continue to work extremely hard to try to get as many players as we can who are going to offer help. Tasheika Allen does not have to carry this team this year. What they see, is yes, there will be first and second options, yes there will be people we will expect to step up and be leaders on the offensive end of the floor but that there are people who can get them the ball in the right spot and execute in such a way.”

(on what Semrau wants for the season)

“Without a doubt, we want to be a team that gets after it on the defensive end, but runs in transition. Yesterday, it was almost as if, it just clicked in with them a little bit: a team that runs offensively and the kind of pressure it puts on defenses. We’ve got enough players to do that. I told them today, if you don’t want to run, then you can just sit next to me because we have plenty of players that can run the floor and run with a purpose. Anytime you can score, three on two, four on two, five on four, it’s a lot easier to score than on five on five. We can work on our half court execution but that’s after we run down and run the primary and the secondary. In our growth process, we have been a team that has wanted to run the play and not play the game. Now we have kids who are learning how to make plays. At the end of the game, all of you (media) are going to write about the kid who made the play at the end of the game. You aren’t going to write about the play that set the kid up to make the play, you are going to write about the kid who made the play. We (coaches) have to put them in the position to make that play and that’s what I think this group is grasping.”

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