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Come With Seminoles.Com To Visit The Hometown And Family Of Freshman Defensive End Everette Brown

Oct. 21, 2005

Tallahassee, Fla.My name is Everette Brown and I am originally from Stantonsburg, North Carolina. I live in this small town that is out towards the country with only two stoplights but it is a friendly town. My town is not really on the map but I am trying to put it on the map. My dad actually grew up there his whole life; he has traveled the world but just wanted to live where he grew up. My mom actually lives about 15 minutes away in another small town where she was born and raised. Somehow they met and decided to stay in Stantonsburg. It is a nice town.

I came from a pretty small high school, Beddingfield, with us being classified as 3A level. We had about 1500 students and were known as the Bruins. My football and basketball coaches helped me on and off the field and/or court with life advice or anything else I needed. They have a good program there and actually this year they are 8-0 in football, with this being the best record I can remember. I enjoyed high school but I am now ready to start my college years.

Actually in my town we don’t really have any big stores. We have a Piggly Wiggly, Dollar General, an Andy’s, two gas stations and a drug store. It pretty much goes from there since we are within a bigger city. Now if you want to go to the bigger city you are able to choose from a wide variety of activities such as bowling, going to play some type of sport at the recreation center or enjoying a stroll or bike ride in or around the park with many other things to do within five to ten miles outside of my city limits.

My family is very centered with us keeping an eye on each other while also enjoying everyone’s company. We like to travel but the most common places we visit as a family are theme parks such as Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. Then on a Friday or Saturday night if I don’t have a game we usually go out to eat pizza and then go to the movies. We are real family oriented, my mom, dad, younger brother and sister and older brother. We are just happy to be together.

My favorite place to be with my family is on our front porch. We go out on the porch with chairs and sit out there on a nice cool day to just sit back and talk and have a good time. It is real laid back since everybody in the neighborhood knows each other, they will come over and we all will have a good time. We might even cook some food, nothing out of the ordinary, on the grill. This is a pretty common thing we do.

Even though my hometown is small we still celebrate our community one day a year with Stantonsburg Day, it is somewhat like a parade but at the same time just a chance for all the little kids to have fun, enjoy games and eat food in the park for free. This usually has a great outcome of people for the size of the town.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my hometown and getting to know my family. I like being from a small town because it allowed me to be close to my family, have a close-knit community and I would not change any of it.

By: Meghann Reilly
Sports Information Intern
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