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Conditioned For Success

Dec. 4, 2008

    Talent and skill are nothing without commitment. A team cannot succeed without every player’s pledge to always contribute all of their athleticism, focus and determination. As the Florida State women’s basketball team embarks on its quest for a fifth-straight NCAA Tournament appearance, the level of commitment has never been higher.  One Seminole in particular stands out in her dedication and that is Christian Hunnicutt. The sophomore guard has no hesitation when it comes to filling any need the team has this season.
.    “I would like to contribute more,” Hunnicutt said. “More than I did last year. Contribute in whatever way it may be; whatever way they need.” 
    When asked which she likes playing more, defense or offense, her response was simple.
    “Basketball takes both so I don’t really prefer either,” Hunnicutt said. “Whatever it takes to help out, I’m willing.”
    For Hunnicutt and the rest of her teammates, the road to glory requires much preparation, and that included a summer full of workouts. Shooting was Hunnicutt’s focus over the summer as she worked on her jump shot, 3-point shot as well as her free-throw shooting.
    While Hunnicutt focused on her shooting this off-season, opposing defenders will have to focus on her athleticism this regular season. One of the basketball team’s quickest players, Hunnicutt has built her reputation as an athletic-conditioning beast. She appreciates the compliment, but while she tolerates workouts, she admitted she doesn’t necessarily enjoy them.
       “I hate running, I really do. I hate conditioning,” she revealed. “And everybody thinks, ‘oh you don’t look like you’re tired’ but I’m tired just like everybody else. Maybe I don’t show it as much.”
    Maybe she doesn’t show it because she accepted early on that she needed to be in excellent physical condition as many times she played the entire duration of her high school games.
    “My high school coach made sure we were in athletic conditioning,” Hunnicutt said. “In high school I never came out of the game so I had to be conditioned. I knew that was true coming here as well. My father would tell us all the time that we have to be in shape. I would also try to run on my own, but once you get here it’s a different feel.”
Improved speed and endurance were the team’s primary conditioning goals in the preseason which led to some less-than-enjoyable workouts.
    “This year we did these things called shuttles,” Hunnicutt said. “We hated them. The weight trainers put cones on the sideline and you’d have to go back and forth and touch them a total of eight times and that would be one rep. And we’d have about 10 of those. We hated shuttles and we hated to walk in and see the cones everyday.”   
While only a sophomore, Hunnicutt’s experience last season and the team’s success in the post-season, make her somewhat of a veteran especially in the eyes of her younger sister Diamond, who is now a freshman guard at Western Carolina University.
      “She called me every day talking about preseason workouts,” Hunnicutt said about her sister. “I did advise her over the summer to run so when she got to Western Carolina, her conditioning would be a lot easier.”
    Hunnicutt’s work ethic and skills will not only be reflected in her personal statistics this season, but also in the overall success of the team. Her unwavering commitment is an inspiration to everyone around her and should lead the Seminoles to many victories this season.     

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