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Connor’s Corner: A Nole For Life

This Saturday, January 27th, the Seminoles will host Florida Atlantic for the last installment of a three-week home meet series that also featured nationally-ranked Alabama and Notre Dame. Serving as senior day, I know this is going to be a bittersweet moment for me and the other seniors on the team. The beginning of the end.

After this meet, championship season is in full swing and we will begin preparing accordingly for our end of season meets. The team as a whole typically loves this time of year – the total yardage in practice starts to dwindle, while energy levels start to rise as a result of the extra rest. Normally I would be excited about this time of year, but for me and the other members of the senior class, this time of year brings an accumulation of “lasts.” The last home meet, last taper, last championship meets and then boom – just like that, my entire swimming career is over. While it has not actually hit me yet that the end of the road is quickly approaching, I keep thinking back to what seems like yesterday when all of us were stuffed into the bottom of the Landis Hall Dorms for our first semester of college, Summer C.

To say that time has flown by is an understatement. Reflecting back on my freshman year almost has me fooled that it happened only a month or so ago. But it didn’t. The years I have spent at Florida State have been the best of my life but also the most important as well. The lessons and experiences I have been a part of shaped me into the person I am today and I am entirely grateful for the opportunities that FSU has given me.

For the younger classes and those to come, think of where you are now and where you will be at the end of the road. For me, I did not take a lot of time to stop and look around at all the great things going on around me and I regret it. There is something special about being a part of this school, something about wearing Garnet and Gold that just cannot be explained to those who do not experience it. I made the mistake of letting my time here fly by without realizing how soon it would be over. Those who know me know the path that I had taken featured the struggles, successes and everything else in between. But one thing was always certain, if I could go back in time… I’d put the Seminole head on my cap every. single. time.

I am a Nole for life.


Connor Kalisz

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