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Cotrone Looks To Improve This Season

Jan. 11, 2012

After a first semester which he phrased as “nerve-wracking but fun”, freshman Dominic Cotrone looks to develop himself as a solid player going into the spring.

Coming to Florida State with a high profile as a five star recruit while winning a state singles title and contending for another in high school hasn’t stopped him from wanting to learn more about the sport and enhance his skills on the court.

Citing a new training regimen and the advice and mentoring of teammates, Cotrone looks to use the spring as a “springboard” for next season.

“Throughout juniors I didn’t have a lot of the before practice rehab and after practice rehab, which has meant a lot in keeping me healthy out on the court,” said the Bradenton, Fla., native. “I went through a lot of injuries throughout my junior career and they’ve all kind of simmered down now that I’m getting rehab after and getting training before, it’s limited those injuries.”

Although he shares the same goal and desire with the rest of the team to achieve a winning record and a national ranking, Cotrone has learned a lot from his teammates as well.

“One of the biggest things is always having a positive attitude in practice,” continued Cotrone. “A lot of times it’s easy to get lazy in practice, but I’ve learn from the older guys not to go through the motions, and to have the same intensity in every practice as if we’re training for a match.”

Going along with the team’s shared goal of more victories and national recognition, Cotrone looks to improve on his doubles play with junior Anderson Reed, who Cotrone says has had a big influence on his playing style.

“He’s taught me that the doubles played in college is a lot different than the doubles played in juniors,” explained Cotrone. “It’s a lot faster, as well as to stick to more of the fundamentals of doubles. That’s something I’ve really had to learn, like where to place the ball at what times, and where to be on the court.”

As for the goals he has set for himself personally, Cotrone is striving for become a better tennis player and part of the team.

“I’d like to have a winning record and to get my feet wet and feel comfortable to use this season to capitalize on my mistakes for next season, and realize what my strengths and weaknesses are in the kind of matches we’re going to play as a team.”

By: Max Ramos-Paez, FSU Sports Information Intern

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