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Countdown To Volleyball Season: The Coaching Staff

Aug. 9, 2005

The Florida State volleyball season starts on Friday – it’s the first day of practice in what promises to be an enthralling campaign that will last more than four months.

Eight returners, two transfers, and two freshmen will hit the volleyball court on Lucy McDaniel Court at Tully Gym Friday to jumpstart the 2005 season and the focus of attention will be on vying for a place at the top of the league and national race. Although practice is just the first stone of a long road ahead, the Seminoles recognize that every moment counts.

For the next three days, will sit down with head coach Todd Kress to talk about various topics surrounding this year’s squad. Yesterday we talked newcomers, today it’s all about the coaching staff:


His philosophy is based on tradition of the past, working on excelling in the fundamentals of the game, focusing on hard work in the classroom, and grooming individuals to leave FSU as more well-rounded women in all areas of their lives. It didn’t take long for Todd Kress to make a lasting impression on his team and the ACC conference in just three seasons at Florida State. Not only has he posted a 55-41 record (.573 winning percentage), Kress has also logged winning seasons in two of three years, including a trip to the NCAA Tournament in 2002. With this early success, Kress has immediately started a tradition at FSU and his ultimate goal is to establish a winning program at FSU that carries on for many years.

In 10 seasons as the head coach at Fairfield University, North Illinois University and Florida State, Kress has logged an impressive career record of 207-116 (.641 winning percentage). Part of his success is due to the fact that he recognizes the importance of having a strong supporting cast around him. Therefore, last season Kress brought in associate head coach Rita Buck-Crockett, a successful professional athlete, coach, and Olympian, to spearhead the defensive training. During the off-season, strategic assistant John Spinney was hired by Kress to lead the setters and the new Florida State coaching staff was set in place with a mixture of both wisdom and talent.

Also returning this season is the strength and conditioning coach, Eric Gramza, who is an extremely important member of the coaching staff although he is often behind the scenes. Gramza works year around with the volleyball players and his primary responsibility is implementing the strength and conditioning program for the team.

According To Kress…

“Rita provides a lot in the fact that she does so much of the defensive training, concepts, and what we are going to be doing as a team. I know we are going to do some different things defensively this year…we are going to run different looks. I’d like to throw three to four different defenses out there in any given match as opposed to what we did last year. That will make us have a different look and I think she’ll prepare the team for those plans.”

“I brought John in to do our setter training. That will be his primary duty and then he’ll be in charge of the blocking scheme and what we’re going to do blocking wise every match. John is also very tactical. I think he is a very technical coach…he is very insightful in his thought and is great with match preparation. He’ll provide a lot in many different areas.”

“Eric is a valuable member of our staff and he does an excellent job with the strength and conditioning program at Florida State. He works hard and puts in a lot of hours year around to ensure that our players are physically fit and in top shape to compete at the collegiate level.”

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