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Culture Feast Celebrates International Student Athletes

Feb. 22, 2005

On Thursday February 10th the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) held a culture feast in celebration of the international student athletes that bring diversity to the Florida State Athletic program. The feast was held at Crenshaw Lanes Bowling alley in the student union. The athletes had an opportunity to mingle with each other, eat some delicious food, and take part in a little friendly bowling competition. Prizes were given for the highest bowling score, the lowest bowling score, the most unique bowling style, and for the best dish.

All who attended were asked to bring a favorite dish which ranged from strawberry shortcake to chicken and gravy. The SAAC threw a stellar event that brought together athletes not only from the United States but from England, Australia, South Africa, and Romania as well. It was a great night of friendly fun!

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