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Daneika’s British Blog – Part 4

June 21, 2014

Hi guys, I can’t believe this is my fourth blog already and we are well into the summer. Where does the time go?  Things are starting to heat up in London right now as Wimbledon gets going on the 23rd of June. All the seeds have been announced and the qualifiers have secured their places. It’s going to be a fun few weeks, let’s just hope the weather is nice to us and we don’t have many rain delays.

I’ve had a pretty relaxing week so far which has been really nice after the long hectic season at FSU. The only stress I was put under was sitting my final exam for my online summer class, Sociology of Mass Media. It has been an interesting course but it’s safe to say I’m glad it’s over. The results come out on Monday so fingers crossed.

Coach Hyde arrives on the 24th of June to do some recruiting at the junior warm up event for Wimbledon (Roehampton). The day she arrives is also her birthday so I’ll have a little surprise waiting since she always does a great job with our birthdays back at FSU. (She does try to make the birthday cakes herself but sometimes a trip to Lucy and Leo’s is in the cards. But hey, we never complain, EVER.) I find it strange because the last time coach Hyde was in England and at this event was three years ago, where she recruited me! It’s weird to think that three years have passed and now my senior year is quickly approaching. As well as a catch up, I will be doing some training sessions with Jen before she starts recruiting every day. It will be nice having some guidance again, as when I am home I don’t have a designated coach.

I always keep an eye on the Seminoles website during the summer and I’m pleased to see three of our girls are playing the US Open National Playoff qualifiers. It’s a great opportunity for them to play on their home courts and I hope they all play well and have fun. Good luck girls!

I hope you are enjoying my blogs and thanks for reading. Catch up with you soon.


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