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Daneika’s British Blog – Part 5

June 30, 2014

Hi guys, I hope this finds you well. I’ve had an eventful time in London and have lots of things to share with you about my week. In addition to my weekly blogs, I have also been writing for my local newspaper during Wimbledon. I am really enjoying it but it is also very time consuming as you have to check results and draws regularly and double check that everything is correct, including foreign names which is a bit of a challenge. At the moment the four `picks’ that I said would do well are into the second week, so that is a relief.

My week started when Coach Hyde arrived on the 24th. Despite the long flight, she didn’t seem to struggle too much with the jet lag. Although she might tell you different. The temperature dropped slightly during the week and even though it was a little chilly, Jen told me she welcomed the cooler weather because of the intense summer in Tallahassee. We actually practiced inside one morning to her delight. The week also consisted of her extended British Birthday celebrations! As well as having a meal, I managed to get some cupcakes from a bakery after training, not quite Lucy and Leo standard but pretty close. They tasted amazing and Jen even managed to stash an extra three in her backpack for later in the day! Very smart!

With Wimbledon being well under way and there has been some great matches and a few surprises in the draw. There has also been a lot of controversy about the dress code for competitors. Wimbledon is known for requiring competitors to wear strictly all white clothing and no other grand slam is like this. However this year there has been a significant clamp down on the all-white rule. So much so that multiple female players have been forced to go braless! Officials have asked the women to change their bra tops because of the slight color, resulting in few having to go without. Another story has also been published about a male player who was asked to refrain from wearing dark underwear. When he started to sweat his white shorts began to go see through resulting in his dark underwear becoming more visible. I think some of the players didn’t expect the rule to have been taken so far that they would have to reorganize their underwear drawer! In previous years some players have said they don’t mind the clothing rule because it is a strong tradition for the tournament, however, it could have been taken too far. This year the white clothes are only allowed to have one cm of color trim around the sleeve and neck, and many have had to color in their tennis shoes with white pen. I know The All England Club loves tradition, but this could be too far.

On the 28th I took part in a mini tennis event called Touch Tennis, and Coach Fodor would have loved it! The sport is played on a mini tennis court with mini racquets and a specially designed sponge ball. The game is very popular with many tennis players as it is great fun and emphasizes the skill of tennis rather than power. I’m good friends with the founder and he does a great job setting up tournaments all around the country and even some overseas. It’s quickly expanding and I am not surprised. If you want watch how it is played check out this link or search touch tennis on YouTube. 

After two great weeks in London, I travel back up North to visit my family and friends and I’m very excited to spend a week at home, especially as my brother will be there. The last time I saw him was Christmas. Unfortunately I won’t be playing any Touch Tennis or watching Wimbledon live but it will be so nice to relax, be with my family again and see everyone.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and thanks for reading. Catch up soon.


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