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Daneika’s British Blog – Part 6

July 7, 2014

Hi guys, I am currently at home in Cumbria, which is located the north west of England. It’s not often I get to spend much time here so I’m making the most and enjoying every minute. Since I’ve been home I’ve been training at my local courts and a rugby club gym. I’ve also managed to squeeze in some coaching. The gym facilities are very mediocre compared to FSU and pretty small. However, I really enjoy it because it is where I first started training, it’s very quiet and I can train with my brother. Another plus is the gym is pretty empty most of the time so I’m free to do what I wish. I can turn the music up really loud and have no distractions.

As I mentioned last week, I have been writing for my local newspaper over the two weeks of Wimbledon and I have really enjoyed it. It was nice to write and research the articles in the comfort of my own home even though I was spending a great deal of time on my laptop keeping up to date with results.  

If any of you have been watching the tennis, you will know that Andy Murray lost in a bizarre fashion. There has been a lot controversy in the newspapers about the reasons why he couldn’t or didn`t perform and the cause of his unexpected behavior. During the match Murray shouted verbal abuse at his box and he seemed very unsettled before the match even started. The newspapers are alleging that something happened five minutes before the match that disrupted his pre-match routine. Whatever it was, everyone is very keen to find out because it was very unusual.

After Andy got knocked out, I hoped Federer would win the title for the 8th time. Throughout the tournament he avoided the spotlight and I felt this really helped him. He excelled through the draw and I feel he went quite unnoticed compared to previous years.

As well as training I have been making sure I visit all my friends before I depart once again. I go on holiday next weekend so unfortunately this will be my last blog for a few weeks, as I will have limited Internet access. I’m travelling to the south of Spain and I’m very excited for the great weather, and of course chill time by the pool and beach. I haven’t been on a holiday of more than five days for four years so I can’t wait to enjoy my extended holiday. I might even be in danger of getting a tan!

I hope you all are having a great summer and I will catch up with you soon.


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