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David Anderson — Man On A Mission For The Seminole Basketball Team

Feb. 19, 2002

At the ripe age of 23, David Anderson has already accomplished so much in life that any ordinary man or women in their 30’s or 40’s would have loved to experienced. For two years in 1998 and 1999, Anderson served a Mormon mission in San Diego, California for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints. While on his mission, Anderson encountered several one-on-one relationships with other fellow Mormon missionaries. He lived a life that students at Florida State are not very familiar with, including no worries of working, doing homework, studying for an exam, or dealing with distractions from dating to going to the movies. As is Mormon custom, during these two years he was partnered up with one other person of his faith and lived with that one person for two to six months for a period aimed at personal growth.

“It was a great experience interacting with so many other people,” said Anderson. “I have so many great memories and friendships, and continue to stay in contact with quite a few people that I met while I was out in San Diego. If I learned anything from this mission, I learned to get along with other people.”

Anderson learned so well that he is engaged to be married after he graduates, with a degree in history, from Florida State in the spring. His fianc?e Cammie is a junior at Brigham Young University. In the fall of 2002, he hopes to continue his studies in law school at either BYU, the University of Colorado, or at the University of Denver.

Getting along with people has never been a problem for David. Growing up in a small town in Lamar, Colorado, Anderson, one of four children, was always very close to his family, especially his fraternal twin sister Joanie. She played a big role in David’s decision to continue playing basketball at Florida State University. While he was off on his mission, it was Joanie who visited the campuses and helped her brother in evaluating the situation at each school.

“We have developed a real closeness as twins,” said Anderson, “because there has never been a time in my life where she has not been there as opposed to my younger sister and brother.”
After Anderson completed his mission in 1999, he decided to transfer from BYU to Florida State University. He felt he was coming into a great situation at FSU and would be able to contribute right away after the departure of Karem Shabazz. Florida State was also high on his choice of schools having been recruited by Coach Steve Robinson, who at the time was the head coach at Tulsa.

Anderson has enjoyed his time at Florida State and feels he has been blessed with the opportunity to play Division I basketball in one of the most prominent conferences in the nation. As one of four “big men” on the team, Anderson feels a bond between Nigel (Dixon), Mike (Matthews), and Trevor (Harvey).

“In practice, we are always working together and guarding each other in drills,” said Anderson. “We have definitely developed a camaraderie going through the same experiences and guarding many of the same players on the opposing teams. I am really going to miss those guys!”

Although Anderson has seen limited action this season, it has been his valued experience as a senior that has helped to mature the young players on this year’s team. In his third season under Coach Robinson, he has been able to aid his teammates in adapting to the program and the lifestyles at Florida State.

“The people here at Florida State have made me feel right at home,” said Anderson. “It makes me sad that this is my last semester at FSU and that I will have to leave my surroundings and friends that I have made here in Tallahassee.”

David Anderson is certainly a man on a mission, a mission that is on the verge of near completion.

By Jason Leturmy
Sports Information Assistant
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