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Dawsey, Greene reflect on close bond

By Tim Linafelt Senior Writer
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LOS ANGELES — Rashad Greene isn’t the type to reflect much on his individual achievements. Even less so with Florida State’s Rose Bowl semifinal against Oregon looming just four days away.

But his position coach doesn’t mind doing it for him.

“I definitely understand what he’s been able to accomplish,” said Lawrence Dawsey, the FSU co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach who made a rare media appearance Sunday.

“We don’t even talk about numbers, we talk about wins. But it’s going to hit him. I think after this season, when he looks back at his college career, he’s going to look back and realize what he’s accomplished.”

Those accomplishments are many and well documented. Greene is already FSU’s all-time leader in career receptions (264), single-season receptions (93) and receiving yardage (3,771). And with possibly two games left to play, he has a shot at catching Peter Warrick’s record for receiving touchdowns.

Warrick had 32, three ahead of Greene’s 29.

Dawsey knows better than most just where Greene fits in the canon of FSU receivers.

A native of Dothan, Ala., Dawsey arrived at Florida State in 1986 and, over the next five seasons, established himself as one of the key figures during the early years of coach Bobby Bowden’s dynasty era.

Dawsey’s 2,129 yards and 20 touchdowns still rank in the program’s Top 10, and he places in the Top 15 in several other receiving categories.

“I was part of the history,” Dawsey said. “I am part of the history.”

Years later, Dawsey furthered that history by returning to his alma mater as an assistant coach. And in 2010, he came across a high school prospect that hadn’t yet garnered much attention from college recruiters.

Dawsey took a look at Rashad Greene and knew he’d found something special.

“I knew him when he was coming to our camps as a junior and senior,” Dawsey said. “And I told Jimbo [Fisher], ‘This kid is going to be real good.’”

Added Greene: “When no one else was pretty much interested in me … he was one of the first ones that said he wanted me. That meant a lot to me.”

So much so that Greene said Sunday that, were it not for Dawsey, he doubts he would’ve ended up at FSU.

“I can honestly say that he’s the reason I’m at Florida State,” Greene said.

Over the last four seasons, the relationship between mentor and protégé has flourished.

Greene calls Dawsey “my second father.”

And Dawsey knows that FSU’s receiving corps will be in for a major adjustment come 2015, when No. 80 is no longer in the fold.

“I’m going to be scared to death this spring,” he said with a laugh.

It’s not that FSU’s other receivers lack big-play ability. Underclassmen Travis Rudolph, Ermon Lane and Jesus Wilson have all made key plays that helped the Seminoles’ winning streak reach 29 games.

It’s just that, in Dawsey’s eyes, Greene’s work ethic and dependability take him to another level.

“I call him Mr. Consistent,” Dawsey said. “From Day 1 – on and off the field – he’s been that guy.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that, when asked, Fisher compared Dawsey and Greene to each other.

Not only are they similar in build – Greene stands 6-foot, 180 pounds, while Dawsey measured 6-1, 195 as a senior – but Fisher said the pair shares a calm, measured demeanor as well.

“I think (Dawsey) has been a great mentor to him,” Fisher said. “(Each was a) great player. … Not always having to be a vocal guy but (had) great confidence, tremendous competitor. Very intelligent.”

Nearly 25 years removed from his last collegiate season, Dawsey knows the perspective a player gains with time.

He suspects it will take Greene another 10 or 15 years to fully appreciate what he’s done at FSU.

Still, Greene knows the end is coming soon. And he knows exactly how he’d like to be remembered.

“I want to be remembered as a legend at Florida State,” he said. “Just someone that did it right on the field and off the field.”

That, Dawsey said, shouldn’t take any time at all.

“With all the great receivers that have come through Florida State,” Dawsey said, “for him to be the guy who’s standing there with all the records when it’s said and done, it speaks volumes for what he’s been able to accomplish in his career here.”

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