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DAY 12: Defense Continues Its Stellar Play in Monday Morning’s Practice

Aug. 20, 2007

Coach Bowden Practice Report Podcast – August 20th

Tallahassee, Fla.After taking a day off from the practice fields on Sunday, the FSU football team returned to action Monday morning. The squad was in full pads and practiced for 24 periods. Tuesday will be the second-to-last two-a-day and the last one that will involve a scrimmage.



  • The practice began as usual with special teams work Preston Parker, Damon McDaniel, Tony Carter and Bert Reed all took turns fielding kicks.

  • In skeleton Drew Weatherford had a nice day going 8-of-12 completing his first five in a row. Parker had three catches, De’Cody Fagg, Richard Goodman, Joslin Shaw, Greg Carr and Antone Smith all caught passes as well. Patrick Robinson recorded a pick for the defense.

  • In 11-on-11 Smith opened the drill with a nice run. He broke through the line and then used a spin move at the second level to turn it into a big gainer. Other offensive highlights included Christian Ponder connecting with Carr and Taiwan Easterling, Pat Davis busting a nice run inside and Xavier Lee completing passes to McDaniel and Rod Owens. There were quite a few defensive highlights as that squad built on the momentum from Saturday’s scrimmage. Toddrick Verdell recovered a fumble on a bad snap. Eli Charles and Derek Nicholson both got to the quarterback, Charles on two occasions. Budd Thacker just missed out on a sack but forced the QB into a hurried incompletion. Everette Brown skied to deflect a screen pass and Jatavious Jackson and Justin Mincey both had tackles behind the line.

  • In goal line, the offense got back on track scoring four times on eight tries. The first team offense got in twice. The first TD came on Smith’s powerful run. The tailback lowered his shoulder and drove Verdell into the endzone. On the next play Weatherford and Jonathan Hannah connected for a TD. The defense stymied the next two attempts. Guion forced Weatherford to throw the ball away and Erik Stapleton was then stopped on a one-yard plunge. The defense kept the momentum going stopping the two’s on their first attempt as D’Vontrey Richardson was tackled on a pitch out. Lee hit Charlie Graham for a one-yard TD on the next play. Stapleton then gained two yards from the three before Antonio White caught a Lee one-yard pass for a touchdown to end the practice.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

 “Okay I thought from the scrimmage, I thought we improved some over the previous week. And of course that will be the key every time we scrimmage is to improve. I thought our tackling was better. Sometimes our angles are not good, missed a lot of assignments on offense. Of course when you do that, a play breaks down. But again, the main thing I thought I saw some improvement. I imagine Clemson and them improved also last week. So we’ve simply gotta keep on getting better.”


On the passing of Mickey Andrews’ son:

“We had a meeting with our squad today and talked about that. Sad, sad thing. You can tell it when he’s (coach Andrews) not here, you can miss that voice. It’s gotta be tough as heck. I don’t know anything more then losing a son.”


On the message to the team:

“Well, just let them know, a lot of them, I didn’t know if they knew it. And let them know what happened. We took them to church yesterday and told them that’s why we got to church, you know? Just all the boys to be thinking about him and all that. Last year Greg Carr lost his sister and of course Bert Reed lost his brother last week. Just gotta be ready for that man.”


On D’Vontrey Richardson playing wide receiver:

“We worked D’Vontrey, we’re gonna work him at quarterback and receiver. We got some receiver work today; looked pretty good in there. We’ll work him both positions. It’s a case of a good athlete. You can’t redshirt him again so if you get a chance to play him and get him some playing experience. No matter where he lines up at, it will be good for him. We’re not taking anything away from his quarterbacking. They are usually pretty doggone athletes. Most quarterbacks are pretty good athletes, he is a good, exceptional athlete. But we still don’t want to lose him as an athlete. That’s a good prospect there.”


Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

On who brought up Richardson moving to WR:

“He kind of did to me. He’s been fishing back and forth with it and I said, eventually I don’t want you to but I think you have a chance to be a good quarterback. But if you want to try it now and I understand where the situation is. Didn’t Charlie (Ward) punt around here and do some things and other guys do some things in the past early. The guy is a heck of a player. He’ll get to ride a good back-up out there. It gets him involved in practice a little bit.”


About Saturday’s scrimmage:

“I’m gonna tell you what, the positive things I took out of it was they got out there, I mean we put ourselves in tough situations, two separate situations in offense in my opinion which coming off the goal line and getting the third and long. You put your ears back and that’s where you gotta find out. And we found out right now we don’t throw the ball well enough in the third and long situations. Now we did pretty good backed up, the ones did. The other thing I saw when quarterbacks get under pressure and duress and there’s a lot of eight man drops, seven man drops, blitzes, if things aren’t going well, the tendency is to press and start forcing balls into holes. That didn’t happen, they still never beat us. I mean the quarterbacks as far as losing the game. We didn’t do stupid things with the ball. And that’s a positive, now we have to improve the protection, we have to improve the read, pulling the trigger a little quicker, making better decisions but in these frustrations, cause I’ve been there I’ve done it myself as a quarterback. You get frustrated, now I’ve gotta make a play and all of a sudden you try to make something out of nothing and you did it, now that’s a positive. We drove the ball when we were moving it pretty good. I’m not disappointed at all, we didn’t play like we wanted to but there were some positives out of that thing.”


WR De’Cody Fagg:

On practice:

“We gave good effort. We just had a lot of missed assignments. Once we go in and watch film and go over our mistakes, we’ll be ready to go for the scrimmage tomorrow. We’ve progressed a whole lot. In both scrimmages we came down and scored and we’ve just got to learn how to finish the scrimmage up. That’s basically the big thing, that’s like finishing up the fourth quarter; come out play good the first half, the second half laid back. Once we learn how to finish the scrimmage, I think we’ll be pretty good.”


On the quarterback chase:
“In both scrimmages I caught passes from both guys. Both of them look good. Drew is stepping up. Xavier’s stepping up when he can. Right now I don’t really see any separation. They are basically on the same thing. We should now come game time.”


On D’Vontrey Richardson playing wide receiver:

“He did pretty good, especially in the blocking drills. That was the first time I saw a quarterback come over. In the one-on-one drills he did pretty good after we taught him a couple of things. He’s a great athlete. He had the speed, he made great catches. Once he gets the game learned, I think he will be a good receiver.”


QB/WR D’Vontrey Richardson:

On playing wide receiver today:

“I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been wanting to stay at quarterback but it ain’t all about me. I just feel like as a receiver I can help the team more. It was tough. I’ve got to learn the basic stuff. I just want to concentrate on receiving now and to help the team so I can get better with that. We were practicing and I was watching the receivers today and I was thinking about it and I just asked for a white jersey. I knew the routes, but on the running plays, I didn’t know who to block or anything”


On being hit:

“It has been a while. I’ve been wanting to get hit. Hits aren’t great but I haven’t been hit in a while. I’ve been during the scrimmage I’ve been telling the guys to hit me, but they won’t hit me when I have the green jersey on.” 

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