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DAY 15: Drew Weatherford Named Seminoles’ Starter For The Clemson Game

Aug. 23, 2007

Jimbo Fisher Practice Report Podcast – August 23rd

Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State‘s evening practice was cut down to just eight periods after the team spent about an hour and a half waiting out lightning in the area. The weather didn’t stop offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher from naming Drew Weatherford his starter for the season-opener at Clemson. The Seminole football team will attend the kickoff luncheon at the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center tomorrow and then practice for 18 periods beginning at 4:00 p.m.



  • Athletic teams in the ACC will be wearing black patches on their uniforms in remembrance of the Virginia Tech tragedy. On the Florida State football uniform jerseys, the patch will be located on the front just below the number on the shoulder on the right side of the jersey. The patch will be affixed to the jerseys in time for Friday’s kickoff luncheon.



  • The Seminoles barely got started before they got chased inside by lightning. The team did get in some work in specialty before heading indoors and waiting for about an hour and a half.

  • When the team returned to the field they moved right into period 11 and skeleton drills. Weatherford opened skel by connecting with Preston Parker on the sideline and then hitting De’Cody Fagg twice. Xavier Lee completed passes to Chase Walker and Joslin Shaw. For the defense Roger Williams, Kenny Ingram and Patrick Robinson broke up passes.

  • In pass rush the offensive line got off to a great start. David Overmyer won back-to-back battles and Caz Piurowski picked up a couple wins. Antwane Greenlee, Daron Rose and Rodney Hudson got victories as well. On the other side Letroy Guion got to the passer three times, Budd Thacker, Andre Fluellen, Craig Yarborough and Dustin Tremellen also won battles.

  • 11-on-11 was situational once again. Weatherford completed a couple passes to Parker, one to Smith, one to Josh Dobbie and also mixed in a nice scramble. Lee connected with Russell Ball. For the defense Geno Hayes picked a pass and took it back for a TD, Everette Brown had a sack, Williams broke up a pass and Derek Nicholson swatted away a ball in the backfield.

  • The practice ended with the 1:00 drill. The first team offense was unable to produce points and ended their turn giving up points on a safety. Weatherford started out by hitting Joslin Shaw on the sideline. Brown then recorded another sack. Weatherford and the offense looked to be back in business on a nice pitch and catch with Greg Carr but a holding penalty pinned the O back deep. That’s when Neefy Moffett ended the drive with a sack in the endzone. The two’s did a better job and generated some points. It started with a big scramble by Lee. After a pass break up by Toddrick Verdell, Lee hit Shaw underneath. Russell Ball mixed in a nice run but Verdell broke up another pass on the following play. That brought Gary Cismesia in to the game and the kicker connected on a long field goal to end practice.




Florida State Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher
“The starter for the first game will be Drew Weatherford.  They (Drew and Xavier Lee) both had good camps.  They both played well and I still think we have two fine quarterbacks.  I still have two great young quarterbacks also on this team.  The starter we decided on for the first game will be Drew.  I think the main thing we were looking for is consistency; a little more consistency in practice on an every day basis and in scrimmages and in practice every day.  Just a little bit more consistency but I still think Xavier is playing well.  I still think he is doing some good things and he made some real good plays out there today.”
(How did Xavier handle the decision)
“Very well.  Very mature and handled it very well and like I said we are going to need Xavier to help us win football games this year.  Like I told him — right now that’s the thing.  You just keep working, you battle, you fight, and an opportunity comes you take advantage of it.  I’ve seen crazier things happen.  I remember a case around here one time with Brad Johnson and Casey Weldon.  It all turned around one time.  At the end you had two great quarterbacks.
(Where did Drew earn the edge?)
“Just more consistently doing good things in practice on a consistent basis.  Making more of the every down play.  The thing at quarterback – you can look at the spectacular things but the first thing you have is you have to make the routine play.  I thought he made the routine play more consistently than Xavier did for the most part during camp and that set him apart.”
(Will the offense be different with Drew than Xavier?)
“I don’t know if it will be a lot different.  Because Drew made some runs the other day in the scrimmage and scrambled around twice for about 30 yards and made some plays.  It’s not like he’s not athletic.  But we may feature a few throws that he likes better than Xavier and Xavier might like a few different throws than he does.  It won’t change drastically at all.” 

(Do you have a plan for Xavier?)
“Yes.  Most definitely.  You are dag-gum right we will.  He will be in the plan.  There will be a plan for him and things he can do and what he does well.  We’ll practice the heck out of him between now and then.”
(Will Xavier play against Clemson?)
“I don’t know that.  We will wait and cross that bridge when we get to it.  We had to cross this one first.  We will plan and see how they practice as we go up to the game week. 
Florida State
Running Back Antone Smith
“I don’t really pay attention (to the differences between Drew and Xavier) too much other than we come together as a team and do things.  The biggest thing right now is that Drew is vocal whereas Xavier is more laid back.  That’s been Xavier since I have been here. “
“The biggest thing is he (Drew) is getting to the point to the smallest things with his mechanics as far as throwing the ball, what to look for, how you point to tell who is blocking.  He knows the whole offense around what the offensive line has to do.  He knows everything – that’s the biggest thing.  Coach Fisher has come in and done a tremendous job and this guy (Drew) has turned it way around from last year.  He’s done a pretty good job with that.”


Drew Weatherford

On being named the starting quarterback for the Clemson game:

“Obviously I’m very happy. Our (mine and Xavier Lee) competition has been great ever since we’ve been here. We’ve both worked extremely hard and I’m happy to get this opportunity once again to go out and play with this team and hopefully make this team better.”


On what he did to be named the starter:

“I don’t know I just worked as hard as I possibly could everyday on the field and my teammates did a great job around me. What I’m really focused on now is getting this team ready for Clemson and I’m not worried about things in the past right now.”


On what offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher told him:

“He talked to us individually and just told us that we both had a good camp and basically that they had made the decision and that we’re going to need both of us obviously to do what we plan to do this year and to continue to do what we’re doing and working hard. That was about it.”


On if the decision is for the Clemson game or the season:

“We’re just taking it one game at time. I’m just focused on Clemson right now, trying to get myself mentally and physically prepared for the rest of the team.”


On having the decision behind him:

“Yeah, it’s a little weight off my shoulders, I guess, but we have a lot of pressure that is going to be coming up with this ball game so it will be put right back on shortly.”


On the areas he wants to improve on:

“Everywhere. As a quarterback you can always get better, but I’ve turned the ball over way too much since I’ve been here. I want to do a much better job protecting the ball and protecting our team. That’s one area that I’ve tried to work on. I’ve taken chances on the practice field, but I feel like I’ve done a really good job during the scrimmages this year.”


On Fisher’s reason for naming him the starter:

“He didn’t really give specific reasons. He told us that he had made the decision, we both had a good camp and I was going to be the guy for Clemson. There wasn’t a lot of detail and we’re not focused on what had happened and why, we’re just focused on what we have to do in the future.”


On whether the focus has been on winning the starting job or getting better:

“Getting better. I can’t relax at all right now. I have to prepare and work harder than ever to get ready for Clemson. That’s been our goal every day for Xavier (Lee) and I both to come out and get better and make this team better.”


On if he’s talked to Lee:

“(Fisher) talked to Xavier first and then he talked to me. We talked, he told me congratulations and he said I deserved it and worked hard. He deserves it too. He’s worked extremely hard, done a lot, come through a lot of adversity and he’s a great player. We’re going to need him, though, to be successful.”


On Lee’s professionalism:

“He handles it really well. It’s because he works as hard as he possibly can and he leaves everything out on the field. He’s got nothing to be worried about. He’s a great player and he’s going to have bright future in the game of football and we’re going to need him this year, I guarantee it.”

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