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DAY 15: Seminoles Return To The Practice Fields After Taking A Day Off Wednesday

Aug. 23, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.After taking a day off from the practice fields on Wednesday, Florida State is halfway through its final two-a-day of the pre-season. The Seminoles returned to the field for 24 periods in pads this morning. The team will go back out tonight for 18 periods beginning at 6:15.




  • The practice began as usual with special teams work Preston Parker and Bert Reed fielded punts and in field goal Gary Cismesia was 4-for-4. The field goal block team did get one on a Graham Gano attempt.

  • After specialty the team moved into position drills and then 3-on-3. In 3-on-3 Antone Smith made his return to the drill and on his first carry breezed through the gauntlet. Marcus Sims, Pat Davis and Joche Norona all made it through multiple times. Antonio White also got to the end. On the other side Jeremy Franklin, Maurice Harris, Rod Roberts, Anthony Leon, Dekoda Watson and Myron Rolle all had tackles. Budd Thacker turned in the most impressive play as he shed his blocker at the first level and brought down the back.

  • Thacker also had a highlight in inside drills when he had a nice stop on Antone Smith who was coming around the end. Smith did turn in a nice run to the outside as did Russell Ball. D’Vontrey Richardson picked up good yardage on a QB keeper.

  • In 1-on-1 Drew Weatherford connected on passes to Cameron Wade and Richard Goodman. He also hit Rod Owens and Parker deep. Xavier Lee completed passes to Joslin Shaw, Wade and Chase Walker. Richardson hooked up with Parker and Owens. On defense JR Bryant, Patrick Robinson and Jamie Robinson all broke up passes. Jamie Robinson’s came on a deep ball.

  • Skeleton was situational by down and distance. Weatherford completed passes to Smith, Fagg, Owens and Shaw. Lee connected with Shaw twice and Greg Carr. Myron Rolle had the biggest hit as Owens couldn’t hold on to a pass and then was leveled by the sophomore rover. Anthony Leon also had a big play picking off a pass.

  • In pass rush Ryan McMahon, Rodney Hudson, Jacky Claude and Daron Rose won battles as did David Overmyer on multiple occasions. For the defense Paul Griffin and Justin Mincey had more than one win. Eli Charles, Kevin McNeil, Letroy Guion and Everette Brown also won1-on-1’s.

  • 7-on-7 was fairly uneventful. Smith broke a big run and Ball had a nice gainer as well. The best pass completion was a Weatherford to Goodman connection. Jamie Robinson and Mister Alexander broke up passes.

  • In 11-on-11 Marcus Sims had a nice run to the outside. Lee and Carr connected as did Weatherford and Goodman. Andre Fluellen and Charles recorded sacks. The biggest play was turned in by Moffett as he drove his blocker into the backfield and right into the ball carrier.

  • In goal line the first team offense scored on two of four tries. On the first two attempts the defense held tough. Recardo Wright and Letroy Guion stopped Sims on the first play and Seddrick Holloway was bottled up on the second. Sims did get in on a sweep on play three and then Weatherford hit Holloway in the endzone for another TD. The two’s scored on the first of their four tries. The TD came on a Pat Davis run, which was made possible by a great Antonio White block. White was stopped up the middle the next play and Davis was taken down trying to run outside by Alexander. The drill finished with an incomplete pass into the endzone.




Associate Head Coach Mickey Andrews

Opening Statement:

“We didn’t practice yesterday.  We were mainly just cleaning up some things on film and trying to make some corrections.  We had a bunch of kids that were banged up and gave them a little extra time to get some extra treatment and try to get well.  But mostly what we were trying to do today was to take one more step in getting ready for Clemson.  We’ve been working on our stuff as well as some of Clemson’s stuff.  The basic fundamentals of the offense (in today’s practice) were being kept.  There were way too many penalties out here.  It’s hard enough to beat an outstanding team when you’re playing your best.  Penalties and mistakes don’t allow you to play your best.  We weren’t very sharp today; too many penalties on both offense and defense.  We’ve got to build up a little more focus.  Sometimes when you miss a day of practice and have too many distractions, it’s hard to get your focus back on what you’ve got to do.  The things we talked to them about, they didn’t get to improve on them physically.  We asked them to come out today and pick up and make up for what we missed and you could see them losing a little bit in terms of their concentration and focus.  We’ve got to be more disciplined then that.”


On seeing the sense of urgency:

“Not the consistency part of it.  It’s there, but not there all the time.  We can’t go play 50 good plays against Clemson and expect to win.  We’ve got to play the full ball game on both sides of the ball.”


Geno Hayes

On whether he was surprised to see coach Andrews back out on the field today:

“No, I’m really not surprised.  He’s a tough man.  It took a lot for him to come out here today.  I’m just happy that he’s back.  He started practice a little down, but as practice went on he got more enthusiastic.” 


On his health:

“I’m feeling pretty good.  I need to get my neck some rest.  I had sprained some muscles in my neck and the doctors told me to give it some rest.  Right now I’m about 90 to 95% healthy.  But I’ll be ready to go for the first game against Clemson.  The doctors told me I can be in full contact on Monday, which is a relief because I thought I might not be back until Tuesday or Wednesday.” 


On a lot of guys on the team getting healthy on the verge of the season opener:

“Right now, it’s time to stop resting and time to get back into the game. The first game is right around the corner and we all have to be ready.”


Antone Smith


On last season’s team:

“We had a few guys slacking last season, just in it as individuals and not playing team ball.  This year everyone is playing team ball and we are looking pretty good.”


On the changes being made so far:

“The message is very clear.  Everyone is bonding to the system and the biggest thing has been the tempo.  The coaches have been paying attention to the details and that has been a big advantage for us right.  They know we’re all athletes who want to play at Florida State so now they’re focused on the smaller details.”


On Jimbo Fisher’s offense:

“Coach Fisher has been mixing it up and having us run the same play out of five or six different formations.  He’s trying to make the defense screw up on the other side of the ball and get confused.”


On the differences from last season to this season:

“It’s definitely two different programs.  Especially with the new coaches coming in and bringing this team a long way.  I feel really good and very confident about these coaches.”

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