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DAY 16: Weather Once Again A Factor As FSU Football Has To Adjust Its Plans

Aug. 24, 2007

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  • Tallahassee, Fla.For the second day in a row late afternoon lightning forced the Seminoles to alter their practice plans. On Friday the team was stuck inside for two hours before practicing 16 periods in shells on the turf field. Saturday is the final practice of the preseason. After an early morning kicking practice, the team will have a half scrimmage and Clemson walk through. Sunday and Monday will be off days as far as practices are concerned.



    • Head coach Bobby Bowden announced the 2007 team captains on August 24 at the 56th annual kickoff luncheon. With input from his coaching staff, Bowden selects the leaders himself and then the team will vote on permanent captains at the conclusion of the season.  FSU’s 2007 captains are seniors De’Cody Fagg (offense), Andre Fluellen (defense) and Anthony Houllis (special teams).



    • The outdoor practice started with inside drills and then moved to 1-on-1. D’Vontrey Richardson completed passes to Damon McDaniel, Preston Parker and De’Cody Fagg. Drew Weatherford connected with Cameron Wade and Greg Carr. For the defense Patrick Robinson and Dionte Allen broke up passes and Tony Carter had a pick.

    • In pass rush Rodney Hudson, Jacky Claude, Daron Rose, Caz Piurowski and David Overmyer won individual battles. On the other side Letroy Guion had a great drill winning numerous battles. Emmanuel Dunbar had multiple wins and Neefy Moffett, Dustin Tremellen, Paul Griffin, Justin Mincey and Kevin McNeil were among the defensive linemen to get to the QB.

    • In 7-on-7 Weatherford hit Fagg twice and also hooked up with Marcus Sims and Parker. Xavier Lee connected with Carr and Fagg. Carter and Anthony Leon broke up passes and Recardo Wright had a pick off a dropped pass.

    • 11-on-11 was situational once again. There were a few highlights. Weatherford and Fagg continued to remain in sync while Lee hit Carr and Joslin Shaw. Antone Smith and Russell Ball had nice runs and Letroy Guion had a tackle for loss.

    • In red zone the first team offense had a good showing. It started with a nice run from Ball and then a connection from Weatherford to Ball. The next pass was broken up when Roosevelt Lawson perfectly timed out his hit and got to the receiver right as the ball was delivered. On the next play though Weatherford swung a pass out to Smith who scored the TD.

    • In 1:00 drill the offense started at the 35 and needed a TD. The first team offense got a break and started off with five yards when the defense jumped offsides. On the next play Weatherford completed a pass to Smith and then picked up a first with a completion to Fagg. After an incompletion, Weatherford scrambled for minimal yardage when McNeil chased him out of the pocket and to the sideline. On third-and-eight Smith ran for a first down but back-to-back sacks by Everette Brown and Budd Thacker killed the clock. The two’s weren’t any more successful. Lee started with a completion to Shaw for a first. After a Mister Alexander pass break up, Lee hit Pat Davis before an incompletion. On fourth down Lee and Davis connected again but they couldn’t move the chains.

    • After meeting with coach Bowden the team broke up and worked versus scout teams.




    Head Coach Bobby Bowden
    “We changed-up the schedule today because when we were coming out we had a lightning storm so we had to go back in and look at film, study film then come back out and try to get what we could out here tonight.  They are going to work just a little bit more on Clemson stuff and then they are going to take it in.  Tomorrow we will work on our kicking game in the morning and then in the afternoon officials will come in, talk to us and let us ask questions then have a little workout that night.” 
    (How are the special teams progressing?)
    “So far it looks good.  There is not a lot of difference.  In other words, normally we have had each coach – this coach is in charge of that and this coach is in charge of that – and he uses his other coach to help him.  The big thing now is you got one guy that’s kind of organizing the whole thing, deciding what we are going to do and making the final decisions on it.  But still you have the same coaches coaching those kicking positions.  It’s working out; I think it’s working out good.  I think they’re doing a good job.  I think we’re up to date on it.  But like all teams we still got work to do.” 
    (What are the main things you want to accomplish in the next week?)
    “The biggest thing is assignments, assignments.  Most of the time we have been working against our own defense.  Now, next week will be devoting it to Clemson’s defense.  We will be trying to cut down on mistakes.  That’s those little things we talk about that get you beat.” 
    (Your thoughts on De’Cody Fagg)
    “He has really practiced well and I think when it got down to picking a man off of the offense to be your captain, I think he was way out in front.  He’s had a very good pre-season practice and hope he can stay healthy because I think he can hurt people.”
    (Has he talked to Drew about the expectations on him?)
    “That’s strictly his (Jimbo Fisher) – that’s his call.  The kids all know where they stand.”
    (Did you are Coach Fisher agree on the choice of quarterbacks?)
    “Probably did.  Probably both on the same page.”
    (Have you spent much time looking at Clemson film?)
    “I looked at some film on them, yea.  I think they have looked at a lot of film.” 
    (On the advantages of having a new staff)
    “They wonder what you are doing.  What are the putting in; how much did they bring form the old school that they are going to do here?  Makes you scout about three different schools to try to put together what you think they are thinking.  Getting off to a fast start is very important if you are going to make it.  Really, it not that much difference that you can do; not a whole lot different you can do.  I think learning a guy’s play calling style is something you’d like to know.  The more you play against him the more a pattern begins to develop.”

    Wide Receiver De’Cody Fagg
    “I think this game (Clemson) here is bigger than the Miami games – The Bowden Bowl – it usually comes in the middle of the season or the third game of the season but it’s the first game of the season in Clemson.  You know they’re crowd is going to be into it.  We have to go out and just be real focused and be ready to play.  It’s a real big game; everyone is going to be watching wanting to know what Florida State is capable of doing so it is up to us to go out and show them what we are capable of doing both offense and defense.”


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