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May 11, 2007


While the Seminoles are getting ready for the NCAA Tournament, the women’s tennis team will write a diary entry for their activities of the day. Today, the teams took an early practice and headed to Venice Beach. Freshman Lauren Macfarlane (Ogden, Utah) is the first to give her point of view.

Dear Diary,

Let’s just say that LA is a completely different world compared to Tallahassee! Today we went to Venice Beach- WOW! Just crazy! As soon as we got to the beach and got out of the car we knew it was going to be a place full of variety. There was this part of the beach that was called “Muscle Beach” but it really wasn’t full of “Muscle” it was more so older gents that weren’t what you would call toned. It was like a nightmare flashback to the eighties, with these old guys working out in these Speedo like bottoms. YUCK! We then walked out to the water – my favorite part! The water was really cold but so much fun. The tide must have been coming in because the waves were pretty intense. Then Carolin Walter got this brilliant idea to go get a picture on the lifeguard house. Of course there was a lifeguard out on the deck so we all went and got a couple of team pictures with him. The lifeguard wasn’t really Bay Watch material, but he was certainly nice to take so many pictures with us. As we were walking back towards the car there was this guy that had a bunch of broken glass on a sheet and was demanding people to put money in this old box held together with black electric tape, and as soon as he was satisfied with the amount of money in the box he started to perform. He would jump from a chair onto the pile of broken glass. One of the shops on the beach was a Freak Show, but in reality we all came to the conclusion that the Freak Show wasn’t inside, we were walking around in the Freak Show. The beach was madness; but so much fun! I think we all got a taste of what LA is like by going to Venice Beach. After the beach experience I think a lot of the girls decided that LA isn’t really a place that they want to live. Taps (Tapiwa Marobela) certainly doesn’t!

After we went and hit this morning we spray painted our shoes, half gold, and half garnet! They look really cool! I think the people at the hotel thought we were crazy when we were out in front of the hotel with our newspaper, spray paint and our tennis shoes! We are all getting pumped up for the match on Saturday. We are all so ready to play, we can’t stand it! GO SEMINOLES!!!

Until next time,
Lauren Macfarlane

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