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DAY ELEVEN: Defense Comes Out And Establishes Itself In Second Scrimmage

Aug. 18, 2007

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  • Tallahassee, Fla.The Seminole football team held their second scrimmage in three days on Saturday and it was a big day for the FSU defense. Once again the offense got off to a fast start but over the duration of the scrimmage it was the Florida State defense that had the better evening. Notes, stats, scrimmage highlights and quotes are all available below. The team will take the day off Sunday before returning to practice Monday at 9:20 a.m.



    • Florida State is ranked 19th in the AP Top 25 released today.

    • Seminole great and former NFL player Corey Fuller stopped by practice today.



    • Saturday morning’s kicking scrimmage began with some position work before the team spent about an hour and a half working on all aspects of the kicking game.

    • Joslin Shaw, Preston Parker, Bert Reed and Jamie Robinson worked returning kicks. Parker and Reed spent the morning returning punts.

    • Gary Cismesia had a great morning kicking field goals. The senior hit from 21, 22, 31, 32, 32 and 43 yards and missed just one kick from 38. Graham Gano connected from 24, 30 and 37 yards but missed from 30, 41 and 47.



    Just like Thursday’s scrimmage, the offense got off to a fast start. The first team offense, which started with Drew Weatherford under center at the one yard line, picked up two big plays for first downs. The first jaw-dropping play was turned in by Antone Smith. With the ball at the one-yard line, Smith disappeared into a sea of Garnet jerseys but somehow broke loose and took the ball 54 yards up the sideline. The next big play came on a Weatherford to Richard Goodman pass for 33 yards. The first team defense then came out with the ball once again placed on the one and had a very impressive stand. Everette Brown tackled Jamaal Edwards inside the one, and close to a safety, and the second team offense was unable to get a first down.

    When the ball moved out to the 35, the ones came back out on offense but the first two plays turned into the Paul Griffin show. The nose guard blew up a reverse in the backfield and caused a fumble and on the next play he made a strong one-on-one tackle versus Smith. The offense responded as Weatherford found Damon McDaniel for a 36-yard gain on a 3rd and 21 play. Ochucko Jenije broke up a pass on a deep ball but the Weatherford to Fagg connection got the defense once again. Just like Thursday’s scrimmage, Fagg caught a ball, made a great cut, this time toward the sideline and took it to the house for his second 30-plus yard TD catch of the preseason.

    The second team offense couldn’t get much going versus the ones on D. The highlight for the offense was Greg Carr catching a pass over the middle and fighting through two tacklers for a first down.

    The three’s faced of versus one another next. Christian Ponder got the first shot with the threes. He hit Bert Reed, who made a great sliding catch on the sidelines. Mister Alexander had a solid stop in the backfield on Reed.

    Xavier Lee took over with the ones next but the defense continued its impressive scrimmage. Anthony Leon had a one-on-one stop versus Smith and then broke up a pass that he nearly intercepted and took back for six. Smith got stopped in the backfield once again on the drive, this time it was Letroy Guion with the big hit.

    Weatherford came out with the twos as he led his second TD drive. The big play came on an inside screen to Rod Owens. The sophomore caught a short pass and took it to the endzone thanks in large part to a key block down field by Goodman.

    That was the last time the offense would score though as the defense continued to make plays. Eli Charles had a tackle for loss on a busted play, Derek Nicholson had a tackle behind the line and then another solo tackle right after. Myron Rolle had a great pass break up on a deep ball from Weatherford to Joslin Shaw as the rover got his hand around the receiver and slapped the ball away. Marcus Ball got Jamaal Edwards in the backfield and Patrick Robinson had a pass break up that once again could have gone back the other way for six. Roosevelt Lawson had one of the best hits of the day as he knocked the ball out of Antone Smith’s arms and back about seven yards where Guion fell on the ball.

    When the threes came back on the field, the storyline did not change much. Dionte Allen had some nice plays for the deefense. The freshman had a pass break up and ran step for step with Reed on a deep ball that fell incomplete. Walk-on Rod Roberts had a big hit to knock the ball out of Joche Norona’s hands. Eli Charles then recorded a sack.

    In red zone the offense continued to struggle. The ones, with Weatherford at the helm, could not get into the endzone on any of their four tries. The biggest play was turned in by Smith who went for five yards on a third and goal from the eight. The two’s came on and were unable to get in the endzone either. Lee did have a nice 10 yard completion to Jonathan Hannah from the 18 but after that Brown recorded a sack and knocked the ball loose. The next two plays netted three and one yards respectively.

    In goal line drills, the defense allowed just three TD’s in eight tries. The first team offense scored twice. The first came from three yards out as Smith got around the edge thanks in no small part to a nice Seddrick Holloway block. After an incompletion to Hannah, Weatherford hit Holloway on a three yard TD pass. Weatherford made a very nice throw as he lofted it over a defender in front of him and into Holloway.

    The second team offense started off with a TD from Lee to Charlie Graham but after that it was big plays by the first team D. Nicholson had a big hit on Edwards, who kept his balance but was finished off by Guion. Lee then was forced into an incompletion when he was chased out of the pocket by Neefy Moffett.

    The kickers each got one field goal attempt. Cismesia missed his from 36 and Gano made his from the same distance.




    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    On the last two scrimmages

    “I thought the last two scrimmages have followed the same pattern.  The offense comes out scores a big one, gets the ball, scores another big one, the defense shuts them out the rest of the day.”


    “Defense, you’ve got to come out the first of the game, you can’t spot people two touchdowns.  Offense you’ve got to play 60 minutes so it’s been two scrimmages in a row that it’s been like that.”


    On the Secondary

      “The thing that impressed me most today was the coverage of our secondary.  They stayed on those receivers pretty doggone good other than those first two they stayed on them tight.  It was hard to get anybody open in there.”


    On the pass rush

      “We put a lot more pressure on the passer today than we have so that part was good.  Pretty good hitting out there, we’re making some progress.”


    On the offensive struggles

      “We weren’t successful catching the football.  We learn from that, that’s what you’ve got to do.  It’s just missed assignments and stuff like that.  Those are things we’ve got to improve.”


    On the defensive front

      “The defensive front is playing much better. The big thing is if they can put pressure on the passer because you let Drew back there set, and Xavier, they can hit guys, but they didn’t have a long time to look around today.”


    On where the pressure came from

      “Not sure if it was from a blitzing linebacker coming from the outside, but somebody got in there from the outside to pressure on the passer.”


    On beginning the season ranked 19th in the AP Poll

      “I like polls.  I like to see where you are and what you’ve got to do. I think it tells you something.  That’s fine if that’s where they want to start us that’s good, now let’s see what we can do about it.”


    On the schedule and how it will effect the polls

      “The schedule is such that if you win with it I think you’re coming up.”


    Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher

    On the defensive pressure

      “They (the quarterbacks) made their share of mistakes don’t get me wrong, but I don’t care who you are, if you get pressure like that you’re not going to make plays.”


    On the offensive breakdowns

      “We’ll look at film and see, they were all over.  The quarterback had a few mistakes, then the back would have one and the lineman would have one, tight end would have one.  Just typical things, when you’re a .500 football team, that’s the way you play good the one day bad the next.”


    More on Pressure

      “It came everywhere.  They got pressure inside and outside.  I’m just glad I wasn’t playing back there today.”


    On attitude

      “They (the defense) flat out kicked our tail.  They wanted it more than us, it’s the attitude.  We have good players, same guys we played with the other day.  They didn’t want to play.  The first three drives we scored, came off the goal line twice, went down and scored, had three or four great drives, but we didn’t sustain.  I don’t know about adversity, we don’t deal with success very well.”


    On encouraging moments

      “We had a lot of encouraging points today, we’re going to learn any time you play like that.  On the goal line a play-action pass, had some good runs, hit some good things coming out of the goal line, scored on a couple of drives, that’s football.  You’re going to have ups and downs in a football game and that was about a little over a half a game.  Another quarter and a half I would have been anxious to see if we could have gutted it out.”


    Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews

    On the defenses response to the first scrimmage

      “You’re always judged by the number of points you give up.  On Thursday our second group gave up four touchdowns and today they only gave up one.  Our first defense gave up one Thursday they gave up one today and both of those were on long pass plays.”


    On being more disciplined

      “We’ve just got to be more disciplined.  We can’t be successful if we’re giving up long plays.”


    On guys missing time to injury

      “All that is if they can’t play, and their understudy can’t play it’s just an opportunity for someone else and it looked like they stepped up a little bit so that’s encouraging.”


    On Patrick and Jamie Robinson

      “I saw them do some good things, I saw them make a couple of plays that they can’t do against Clemson if we’re going to have a chance to win the game, but they’re making progress I like their effort.  They just need to be a little more mentally tough.”


    On the defense’s progress

      “We did some things today that looked like we’ve got a chance to be pretty decent on defense.  We didn’t make a whole bunch of mistakes and we didn’t beat ourselves.  We tackled a little better, a lot of good things out there.”


    On the injured starters

      “You don’t get any better watching the ball so when they get back out there they’ve got to do a better job of pushing themselves because they missed days to improve.”


    Linebacker Marcus Ball

    On being back out on the field.

      “It felt good, I feel a lot healthier than I did the last couple of day, but I feel sore though.  This was my first day finishing the whole practice so it felt pretty good.”


    On making plays

      “I made a couple plays.  Had some negatives had some positives so I feel really good.”


    On the front seven

      “The front seven’s got to play harder, help the DB’s out a little bit because we’ve been stretching them for the most part.  They (d-line) just went out and played hard, and we played hard.  We just had to go get it today.”


    On the offense’s fast start

      “They came out and made a few plays early in the scrimmage and we had to come get it.”


    On rehab

      “I did a whole lot of rehabbing yesterday and all day today.  I was in the training room all day getting treatment.  I had to go, I knew deep down in my heart I had to go today.  I told coach I was going to go for it today so I came out here and I feel like I did pretty good.”


    Defensive Tackle Letroy Guion

    On keeping his spot on the depth chart

      “I feel like I’ve done enough, but I still have to work a lot harder.  Coach is going to put the best team out there for the game.”


    On the toughest offensive lineman he’s faced this fall

      “I’m going to have to give a shout out to the freshman Rodney Hudson, he’s pretty good.  He’s a freshman and he’s doing pretty good. You have to use a lot of technique going against Rodney.”


    On goals in the weight room

      “My goal for this upcoming season is by the end of the season I want to be benching 405.  I’m at 365 right now, but if I can get to 405, I feel like I can be unstoppable.”


    On his on-field goals

      “I want to get 11 or 12 sacks this year, that’s my goal for this year and I’m going to try my best to do it.”


    Safety Mister Alexander

     On improving

      “I make a lot of mistakes that I have to work on.  I try to go 100% every play, but sometimes I make mistakes that I’ve got to work on.”


    On he and Anthony Leon improving over the last year

     “Me and Anthony Leon have come pretty far because when we first got here it felt like we were thrown into the system and we didn’t really know what to do.  Now we seem to be making all the right checks and getting the job done.”





    Drew Weatherford: 5-for-15, 147 yards, 2 TDs

    Xavier Lee: 5-for-13, 35 yards

    Christian Ponder: 2-for-3, 30 yards

    D’Vontrey Richardson: 0-for-3



    Antone Smith: 9 rushes, 85 yards; Long: 54 yards

    Dionte Allen: 4 rushes, 9 yards; Long: 6 yards

    Jamaal Edwards: 5 rushes, 7 yards; Long: 7 yards

    #44 FB: 1 rush, 10 yards; Long: 10 yards



    Bert Reed: 3 catches, 35 yards

    Rod Owens: 2 catches, 45 yards, TD

    Joslin Shaw: 2 catches, 16 yards

    Damon McDaniel: 1 catch, 36 yards

    De’Cody Fagg: 1 catch, 34 yards, TD

    Richard Goodman: 1 catch, 34 yards

    Greg Carr: 1 catch, 8 yards

    Jonathan Hannah: 1 catch, 4 yards



    Mister Alexander: 3 tackles, 2 TFL for 12 yards, 1 sack for 7 yards, PBU

    Eli Charles: 3 tackles, 3 TFL for 13 yards, 2 sacks for 6 yards, fumble recovery

    Everette Brown: 3 tackles

    Patrick Robinson: 3 tackles, PBU

    Letroy Guion: 2 tackles, 2 TFL for 11 yards, 1 sack for 6 yards

    Budd Thacker: 2 tackles, 1 TFL for 5 yards

    Dekoda Watson: 2 tackles

    Derek Nicholson: 2 tackles, 2 TFL for 6 yards

    Myron Rolle: 2 tackles, PBU

    J.R. Bryant: 2 tackles

    Rodney Gallon: 2 tackles

    Maurice Harris: 2 tackles, PBU

    Neefy Moffett: 1 sack for 7 yards

    Emmanuel Dunbar: 1 sack of 11 yards

    Paul Griffin: 1 tackles, forced fumble

    Roosevelt Lawson: forced fumble

    Jatavious Jackson: fumble recovery


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