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DAY ELEVEN: FSU Football Gets Back To Full Practice Going 26 Periods In Pads

April 4, 2007

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    The FSU football team returned to full pads on the practice field Wednesday and went for 26 periods. The practice began with an offense walk through and then moved into special teams work focusing on punt block and protections. The squad worked in position groups, went to pass skel, 1-on-1, 3-on-3, running backs worked versus linebackers on pass protection and then ended with a situational scrimmage focusing on down and distance, red zone and goal line.

    • In pass skel Anthony Kelly had a pass break up for the defense but it was the offense that had most of the highlights. Xavier Lee, who later sat out the rest of practice with a bruised knee suffered last week, connected with Greg Carr and Damon McDaniel on a nice out pattern. Drew Weatherford hit De’Cody Fagg twice on plays that went for touchdowns and Weatherford also had a nice completion to Richard Goodman. Weatherford finished the drills with a short pass that Rod Owens turned into a long gain following a nice run.
    • In the down and distance portion of the scrimmage Antone Smith turned in the highlight of the day. The tailback broke a run that went for close to 50 yards on a third down play. Alex Boston recorded a sack. Christian Ponder had three completions to Carr for 25 yards, a dump off to Jamaal Edwards for 10 yards and a nice throw and catch by McDaniel on the sideline.
    • In the red zone portion of the scrimmage Neefy Moffett and Letroy Guion combined to get Smith just behind the line of scrimmage. Roger Williams had the best play of this portion of the scrimmage as he came down with a one-handed interception near the endzone. Jamaal Edwards broke a nice run of almost 20 yards but the rest of the highlights belonged to the defense. Anthony Kelly recovered a fumble, Guion recorded a sack on a busted play and Darius McClure made a nice 1-on-1 tackle on Edwards.
    • In goal line Marcus Sims continued to rule the day. The running back had two TD’s and a powerful run stopped just shy of the endzone. Edwards also scored two touchdowns. The defense made stops on four of the eight attempts from the 3-yard line and in.


    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    “We had a pretty good practice today. We had about 30-35 minutes of scrimmaging. It was pretty tough – that’s what we want. It was pretty dad-gum tough. There was some pretty good hitting on both sides; it was a very physical scrimmage. I thought the kids responded pretty dog-gone good. Tony Carter got hurt today. I don’t know how bad but he got hut and had to go in. I think that was the only one that had an injury.

    (on Xavier Lee)
    “He got hit the other day but he still worked today. He didn’t go in. They might have held him out for some reason.”

    (on the progress of the offensive line)
    “They are making some progress – that’s the big thing. Coach Trickett is beginning to settle in on who ought to be where and who out to be up there on the first unit or second and getting it lined up like that. I know we are making some progress. The question always is are you making enough?”

    (on Neefy Moffett)
    “Neefy is doing better. I am glad you asked that. He’s doing better and for him to do better it requires effort and he is giving a little bit better effort. Neefy has held himself back by not giving quite enough effort. But he is beginning to get the massage, I believe. He has perked up lately. I hope he keeps it up.”

    (on where the quarterbacks are while installing a new offense)
    “They are making progress. They still have got a way to go. When you throw a whole new offense at them and then every day you come out here and put tin two or three more plays, confusion reigns. I believe if it wasn’t for the confusion and it wasn’t for the missed assignments which comes with new stuff, I think we would really be moving along. We will get it.”

    (On Eddie Robinson)
    “I’ll always remember that when you go to the National Coaches Convention, and there will be 2,500 to 3,000 coaches there, and I remember when I spoke you look out there and see all those guys and sitting down there on the very front row is old Eddie Robinson. Must have been 74 or 75 years of age – you wonder where are the young guys? And he’s out there taking notes – he’s knows more then anybody already and he’s out there taking notes like an 18-year old guy. I was amazed at that. Eddie Robinson and Jake Gaither did more for the integration of the southern schools of the African-American player – those two did more than anybody else in helping that thing move smoothly. There were people that were cautious, you had people that were scared, you had people who didn’t know how it was going to work – those two guys steadied everybody down and supported what was supposed to be supported and Eddie Robinson played a tremendous role in that. Jake Gaither who used to be over at Florida A&M – those two were the two men who probably contributed more than anybody else to make integration a smooth thing in football in the south. Up to that time you only had white athletes playing for those schools.”

    Running Back Jamaal Edwards
    “This is a great system and my teammates are helping me to do well. This is a team effort. It’s a battle (between me and Marcus Sims) but we are also helping each other. He needs help with something and I can tell him. If I need help with something, I know he’ll tell me. It is a battle but we are also teammates. We just want to make sure each other works hard and we push each other. Everything is pretty much the same (for me). I just getting a chance to get out there and really show what I can do. That’s the main thing – I’m just out there showing what I can do. Nobody said this was going to be easy to come in here and just play. I learned a lot from Leon (Washington) – he taught me a lot. He was a good mentor while he was here. It’s hard. You just have to keep on plugging and know that your break will come. With this zone running we have it’s easy. You read your two reads and you just hit it up in there. The main thing is you want to run North and South and get positive yards.”

    Defensive Lineman Neefy Moffett
    “Spring drills have been gong pretty good for me. The whole d-line has been trying to work hard and work on little things and get better for next year. I believe last year I was still young and I used to take plays off. This year I’m trying to gear it so I don’t take any plays off. I know personally I have a far way to go and I have to continue to work to get to where I want to be.”

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