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DAY SIX: FSU Football Gets Back To Work After Spending Sunday With Media And Fans

Aug. 13, 2007

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  • Coach Bowden Football Practice Report Podcast – August 13th

    Tallahassee, Fla.Yesterday the Seminole football team spent the entire day meeting with the media, posing for pictures and then signing autographs. Media and fan day had the team busy the entire day but on Monday it was back to business as the squad practiced 24 periods in pads. It was the second straight full pad practice and the last single before tomorrow’s two-a-day session. Florida State will practice for 24 periods in pads at 8:40 a.m. and then come back in shells for a 6:15 p.m., 18-period practice on Tuesday.



    • Antone Smith (hamstring) was dressed again on Monday and was involved in limited drills.

    • Tight end Jonathan Hannah continued to participate in non-contact drills but he is still not in full pads.






    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    Opening statement:

    “Okay, I guess tomorrow we start two-a-days. Last week I thought it was today, but two-a-days you have to go every other day, you can’t do them consecutively. Practice is very much the same program we had last week. You know they picked up a little bit. They’re learning it, making enough mistakes you couldn’t win if you were playing today. But if we can keep eliminating, keep eliminating, keep eliminating. Too many fumbles, too many fumbles down on the goal line, things like that. The kids still, I’m amazed the way they handled the heat. That’s been a plus.”


    On the defense:

    “Well they are having to pay a price to have their way. It’s not like we’re handing it to them. I’m not sure how many times the offense scored, I know they scored at least once, then they got on the goal line a couple times and the official said it wasn’t in, which is probably true. They are creeping up on the goal line, you know.”


    On secondary experience leading the defense:

    “They need too, they need too. You know, you’ve got your secondary are all experienced, you got more experience back there then you have anywhere else. You want them to help make up the slack. It’s hard to dominate on the defense from the secondary. It has to come from up front.”


    Offensive line Coach Rick Trickett:

    Opening statement:

    “I think they’re starting to settle in a little bit. We’ve thrown everything in from the play book. In the first five days we threw every play in and their heads were spinning really bad and then we had a day off basically yesterday and went back. Now we’re going and repeating it again, I thought what we emphasized today, I thought was a lot more carry over stuff. I got older guys technically; we’ve just got to get fundamentally sound.


    On the best to retain new information:

    “(Will) Furlong kid is doing a good job and Rodney Hudson has a pretty good idea. Sometimes they get overwhelmed on the different checks and things that we’ve got two plays called and things like that. Those two guys are probably the head of the curve on most of them.”


    CB Jamie Robinson:

    On the intense practice:

    “I feel we did pretty good; kind of started off a little bit slow during the 11-on-11. I think we stepped it up on goal line and finished up pretty good. On goal line, Coach Andrews really stresses being tough and knocking them back and Coach Andrews really likes goal line then 11 on 11 because that carries over on the defense and makes us get more hyped.”


    On Coach Andrews getting fired up:

    “Oh yea, even more then some of my teammates. He really likes that goal line and people getting knocked off their feet, he really loves it.”


    On the difference from last year’s offense:

    “It’s a big difference from the offense. It started from the spring. It just carried over from the summer. There is a big difference, they are a lot more intense and tougher, they are fighting more, I think they fight at every position. I see a lot of young guys just trying to learn everything and getting the fundamentals down. They are trying to pick up with the toughness and the intensity, too.”


    WR Damon McDaniel

    On 7-on-7 and the defense having the upper hand at the end of practice

    “We’ve just had a problem finishing the last couple of practices, fatigue setting in. All we have to do is stay calm, come out and execute that’s what we need to do.”


    On this week’s first scrimmage

    I’ve been looking forward to it all summer.”


    QB D’Vontrey Richardson

    Preference between football and baseball

    “When it’s baseball season it’s baseball, whenever it’s football season I love football.  It’s a different atmosphere, if I hit a double I’m happy, but it’s not the same as a run of 10 yards.  All those fans cheering you on.”


    Learning the Offense

    “I’m picking it up. I study every night 15-30 minutes before I go to bed and when I wake up before I come here I study right before we have meetings in the morning so I can go ahead and refresh my brain a little bit.”


    TE Jonathan Hannah

    Getting into pads

    “It’s kind of hard to do anything but routes and some blocking.  I put shoulder pads on tomorrow so I’ll be a little more active in the running game tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to a better day tomorrow.”


    Shaking off the rust

    “It took a little bit, but football is football whether it’s Pee Wee, middle school, high school, college, NFL.  It took me these two days to get back into the flow of things so that’s why I’m looking forward to a pretty productive day tomorrow.”


    Learning the Offense

    “This is the initiation, it’ll come back.  It leaves for awhile if you’re not pushing it hard or you’re not at the level you once were, but from here on out it should come back pretty quickly.”

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