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DAY TEN: Practice Cut Short After 16 periods Due To Lightning In The Area

Aug. 17, 2007

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    Tallahassee, Fla.Less than 24 hours after the first scrimmage of the preseason, Florida State‘s football team was back out on the practice fields Friday afternoon. The 20-period practice was cut short by about 20 minutes due to lightning in the area. The team moved inside before the coaching staff decided to call it a day after 16 periods. FSU will scrimmage for the second time in three days Saturday inside Doak Campbell Stadium.






    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    On putting the first string versus the second string in yesterday’s scrimmage:

    “There are times when your team is at a maturity level where you want to do one versus one, maybe they’re all young and they’re all inexperienced and you want to get the best against the best. And there comes another time you want to try to preserve them a little bit and you put one versus twos.”


    On the injury to FB Joe Surratt

    “Joe was making some progress, he was trying to gain some ground he lost during the summer and he was beginning to gain it, you know. But got that fibula busted. He’ll be out for a while.”


    On redshirting Surratt or bringing him back later in the season:

    “I don’t know what we’ll do about that, we’ll see how the season plays out. I mean there’s a possibility he’ll get back in two months, of course the question is, is that worth it?”


    On who’s doing well:

    “De’Cody [Fagg] continues to catch the ball well. He makes catch after catch after catch at practice.”


    On the return of WR Bert Reed following his brother’s death

    “He got back when I was up on the tower, so I saw him but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I called his mother and I talked to her.”


    Tony Carter

    On his slight injury:

    “I woke up this morning my leg was still numb, it just feels unusual. So the trainers just told me to take it easy and try to get a lot of treatments between now and the next practice.”


    “I got hit between my knee and my quad, but it’s like the whole, pretty much my right leg. It numbs up but each and every day it’s getting smaller and smaller. I still maybe could run on it a little bit.”


    On his injury during yesterday’s scrimmage:

    “I was out there, I felt pretty good, but I was no where near 100% yesterday in the scrimmage.”


    On the team’s injuries from yesterday’s scrimmage:

    “That’s what happens when you have both sides of the ball going hard and we’re going hard on special teams, I mean that’s part of the game.”


    On the improved offensive line:

    “They looked pretty good, a lot more physical. I mean usually you’re seeing guys get tired by the end of the scrimmage, especially offensive linemen and defensive linemen, but it didn’t seem like they were fatigued at all toward the end. They still had a lot left on goal line. You usually see guys bending over and fatigued, but they’re a lot tougher as a group. And they seem like they’re in a lot better shape with their conditioning over the summer.”


    On how much the defense has changed:

    “It’s not really a lot. Mickey (Andrews) is going to be Mickey. Maybe the linebackers will do different things because they have a new coach and you know how they do things, so it’s kind of different, but as far as secondary is concerned we’re pretty much playing man-to-man a lot. We’re doing a lot more bump and run.”


    RB Antone Smith

    On getting out to practice:

    “Coach Jimbo (Fisher) and Coach Carter, they all know that I love to practice. I mean I think a great player is made in practice, not on the game field.”


    On his goals for practice:

    “As a running back, whatever position it is on the field, I’m trying to be as great as possible. I’m trying to be the total player–catching passes, running the ball, trying to do it all.”


    On making big plays:

    “That’s what Jimbo’s emphasis has been on all since spring, and now it’s just making big plays and make big plays. You see De’Cody [Fagg] making big plays, you see Preston [Parker] making big plays. All the guys came out and made big plays. That’s what we need. This offense right here is a very fast-striking offense and those guys stepped up and stepped to the plate and made big plays.”


    On being held back in yesterday’s scrimmage:

    “That all worked out with the coaches. I was kind of surprised they held me, I was really trying to get in the flow, get the timing back. That was all their call, I wasn’t mad about it, they’re making the calls. A lot of guys went down so I’m kind of happy that I did get the little series that I did and get out of there.”


    On the improvements with the offensive line:

    “It’s a big difference. They didn’t have many MA’s [missed assignments], I mean everybody was missing like one or two blocks. As a linemen you can’t be too perfect. The offense we got right now, with Trickett, those guys are trying to get everything down in one time and they got a lot of stuff going at one time, so it’s kind of hard. But it’s looking pretty good, I mean better than ever since I’ve been up here, they’re looking real good.”


    “They’re very well-conditioned, the offensive line, they did a lot more running than we did actually. But the first thing I noticed from those guys, they were very vocal with the calls and who they got and who got who. They were tapping each other and saying `I need to get outside shoulder’ they were just very vocal. That’s another thing we haven’t been doing in the past that they’re doing now, so it’s helping us out a lot, too.”


    “The offensive line they’re running so fast the defensive guys are just pursuing. We just get in lanes and tuck back and everything. It’s kind of difficult for a defense and good for our running backs because those guys get out there so fast and they pursue him, we just get lanes and instead of getting one or two yards, it’s very positive work and puts us in a great situation for the next second down.”


    On his pulled hamstring:

    “A little sore, but not enough, I mean I wasn’t too sore that I couldn’t go to bed so I’m feeling better. I can wake up six o’clock every morning, get some treatment, so it’s helping me out a lot and I feel better.”

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