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DAY TEN: Seminoles Practice For 18 Periods In Shorts Monday Afternoon

April 2, 2007

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    The Florida State football team went from a full scrimmage on Saturday to an 18-period practice in shorts on Monday. Monday’s practice featured very little contact as the team went back to basics and worked on some of the things the coaches saw on film after the two-plus hour scrimmage over the weekend.

    • One of the highlights of Monday’s practice was a visit from former All-Pro and consensus All-American Peter Boulware.
    • The Seminoles spent the majority of the first half of practice in drills, working in position groups and versus scout teams.
    • On offense, the quarterbacks spent separate periods working with running backs, tight ends and wide receivers.
    • The lines also spent part of practice working versus one another.
    • In pass skeleton the quarterbacks and receivers struggled to connect. The highlights came on a hook-up between Drew Weatherford and Damon McDaniel and a nice catch along the sideline by De’Cody Fagg.
    • In skeleton the passing game didn’t look as sharp as it did in Saturday’s scrimmage. Weatherford had the biggest completion as he hit Rod Owens on a deep pass and McDaniel grabbed a ball underneath from Xavier Lee and turned it into a big gain.
    • The offense found its stride in skeleton when it moved inside the red zone. Weatherford hit Richard Goodman and Joslin Shaw for short TD’s. Christian Ponder and D.J. Norris connected on a touchdown and Tony Carter broke up a potential TD pass.
    • In 11-v-11 Antone Smith had a nice jump cut that broke him through the line. Jamaal Edwards had a big gainer as well. Letroy Guion chased down Xavier Lee in the backfield.
    • When 11-v-11 moved into the red zone, Weatherford, Lee and Smith all ran for TD’s. The only TD pass came on a Weatherford to Fagg connection.
    • Practice ended with the team working on the one-minute offense. Weatherford hooked up with Fagg twice including one connection for a first down. Carter and Jamie Robinson recorded pass break ups and the first series ended with a Roger Williams pick in the endzone when Budd Thacker put pressure on the quarterback and forced a scramble. In the second session Lee connected with McDaniel four times, two of which went for first downs. On the last play, fourth down on the 20 with barely any time left on the clock, Lee found Todd St. Louis for a disputed TD as the defense claimed the receiver was down at the one-yard line.


    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    “We went in shorts today and probably needed it because we have been doing a lot of scrimmaging. Making some progress; I’d don’t guess you are ever where you’d like to be but at least we are making some progress. We’ve got about four or five more days and that’s about it. The big thing now is if they can stay healthy they can get better every practice. We need to get some of these injured guys back out here.”

    (what stood out after reviewing Saturday’s scrimmage?)
    “We are doing some things better offensively. We are doing some things better. A lot of that comes with time and they begin to learn exactly what you want. Again, we are making some progress.”

    (can you elaborate on the improvements in the running game?)
    “That is better (the aggressiveness). That has improved. We want it to keep improving. It’s not where you want it yet but it is improving. They are beginning to get the idea of this thing. You don’t block one guy; you go block two guys. They are getting a little bit better at that. Downfield blocking is getting a little bit better. Again, it’s a matter now of learning what to do. All these instances of where to run the ball and what track you are on when you are blocking and all that kind of stuff.”

    (are the running backs better able to read the new system?)
    “Better. Better. Better. That is definitely better. I think every time you scrimmage you expect it to get better because they become more familiar with it. The same thing is true with the linemen. They get a little bit better at it. That did progress this past week and we want to try to keep on progressing with it.”

    (where are the receivers in learning the news system?)
    “I like what they are doing. I think they are doing some god things. Again, we did better but I think they are getting better but they are not where we want them to be. Nobody is at this time of the year. (Lawrence Dawsey) has the very same temperament that his coach had – John Eason. John was very quiet and would explain real good – and a good teacher. That’s all you have to be a good coach is a good teacher. Larry is real good at that. I didn’t even think of it whether he would be a coach or not. But the way he played and the way he practiced and the way he studied the game would make you think that this guy could be a good coach. He is a good coach. All these guys are pretty good. I feel good about what they (the coaching staff) are doing and what they are trying to get across to these boys. They are trying not to leave any stone untouched.”

    Offensive Lineman Jacky Claude
    “Every day I come out here, I am ready to go 100 percent, every rep. It’s been very hard. We have benefited a lot – especially during the scrimmages. Since we lost all of that weight we have been able to have more stamina and more endurance to finish off scrimmages, to finish our reps. Honestly, I feel like we became a better unit. I feel like we are going to be pretty good this upcoming season.

    (on improved run blocking skills)
    “Our run blocking skills techniques that Coach Trickett has been teaching has been very good for us because we are not big, huge lineman. We are able to use our quickness instead of power every time. It’s been good; I like it a lot.”

    Wide Receiver Greg Carr
    “I’m just trying to get better each day – not just that – but catching the ball and running good routes and everything else as a receiver. This is very beneficial to the offense. That’s the main focus point – to be beneficial to the team not individuals. As long is it beneficial to the team we are all for it. We know each day if we continue to work harder – there are times that we feel like we are giving good effort – but there is also some better effort that we can give. We are just getting better day by day.”

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