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May 12, 2007


The women’s tennis team took the courts for practice for tomorrow’s match against San Diego State. Today’s diary entry is from senior Nicola Slater who hails from Ayr, Scotland.

Dear Diary,

So it is Friday, Day 3 of our NCAA L.A trip and one more day until game time!!! We started this morning at 7:30 am in the training room. We then headed up campus to the “sunset village” to play on courts up there since the Men’s 1st round NCAA matches had started. This was the first morning we got to play in our `Garnet & Gold’ brand new personalized shoes (well doesn’t spray paint from Wal-Mart count??). All jazzed up we had a good hit for an hour and a half getting in some vital doubles match play to be prepared for the following day.

Since we had an early start and just had a bagel before practice we went for breakfast. In the car we headed down to West Hollywood, passing Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. Coach made a comment that the more we drove the further in we got and the richer it got but we were going to be eating at a blue collared place. Low and behold she was being literal…IHOP!!!! We do not have one in Tallahassee so all of us were like little children in a candy store!

After filling ourselves up on the very best we went site seeing. First we went down Rodeo and saw all the stores we can only hope to be able to shop in one day in the future. At the end of the road stood the huge hotel that “Pretty Woman” was shot at. Sadly Carolin, Ania and I were practically passing out in the back seat and we brought John Lata (our administrator on the trip) and Coach Hyde down from their (sugar) high. So we went back to the hotel and whilst some went shopping for a wee bit, most of us slept and caught up on some sleep and rest.

Dinner was the last event of the night where most of us were pretty loud and awake since we had slept. Lots of good laughs and red faces appeared in the plenty, especially when coach was explaining why our trainer Stevie brought out the “breast” in Lauren.

Right after dinner was our pre game, night before meeting where we all got on the same page that we were going to be kicking some San Diego State butt the next day.

Ok off to bed since we have a 5:30am start!

Nik x

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