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Day Two NCAA Blog

May 12, 2011

The team spent Thursday getting ready for tomorrow’s 10 a.m. bout against Mississippi State. Take a humorous inside look of the day and of the team with sophomores Anderson Reed (Daphne, Ala.) and Jordan Kelly-Houston (Christchurch, New Zealand).

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Nole Nation,

I will introduce myself with my seemingly harmless yet memorable introduction, “Hi. I’m Anderson!” For those of you that didn’t know me before this, you will understand later in our friendship just how important that introduction actually is to our friendship. Getting to the point, I will have to say I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to play in the NCAA tennis tournament which starts tomorrow at Georgia Tech. All year our team has prepared for this, and we feel it is our chance to take advantage of this opportunity. We arrived in Atlanta yesterday and had a little fun at the Braves game last night. Today’s purpose, however, was all in our preparation and focus to get ready for tomorrow’s match against Mississippi State. To start our preparation we woke up for an early breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. Today we tried to run on about the same time as we will tomorrow so that we will be comfortable when we do it again on match-day. After breakfast, we rode over to Georgia Tech for a solid two hour workout. We worked up a good sweat while playing some singles and working on sharpening our doubles games. I played some singles against the man, the legend, the ghost, THE Jordan Kelly-Houston. I won’t tell you the score, but I will admit that I am pretty sure he is ready for tomorrow. My partner Andres and I are also ready to do some damage tomorrow against the Bulldogs. Everyone looked in good form and the team chemistry is better than ever. After practice we had a great meal at Jason’s deli. The free ice-cream is the best part, right Brett? We then went back to the hotel where all of the guys did different things to prepare themselves for tomorrow. I did a little school work and took a nap. I would say I am pretty well prepared now after that nap and after our history making dinner at Fogo de Chao! We all ate an endless amount of prime meat (except for Blake Davis our only freshman; I am pretty sure he just moved food around his plate and acted like he ate the most since he is from Texas and ‘everything is better in Texas’. What a freshman!). I am now in the hotel room with my doubles partner and roommate Andres. We are watching the Bulls dismantle the Hawks, poor Atlanta. Let’s hope we fair better tomorrow than they did tonight. I’m confident that we will! Wish us luck, Go Noles!


Yo Peeps,

What’s crackin’. ‘Goon’ here blogging live from Hotlanta where your Men’s tennis team is ready to qualify for the saaweet 16. Had a very efficiently chilled day today, hitting a few tennis balls and resting up before our title campaign. Caught a glimpse of Mississippi State training and they were loud.

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce your 2011 team in a different light than you may already know them. First up is our team captain and Dad, Vahid Mirzadeh. At the ripe age of 24, Dad cares for his sons like they are his own by continuously commenting on our facebook activities to make us all feel special and important. Thanks Dad, ha. Next up is my roommate and our soulless ginger, Connor Smith. Connor is like a white man’s Snooki, just a big ball of fun, lol. An interesting fact about Connor is that he is attracted to girls with 3 names. Thirdly, but least important, is Blake “Donk” Davis. Blake is a physical specimen and leads the team in muscle mass at a whopping 0%. Blake is looking to become an entrepreneur in latter life and has a goal of making his very own energy drink called “I’m a fish.” Fourthly we have “PR”, “Gimly”, “Midge” etc, Anderson Reed. Anderson is our smallest member standing at 5 feet and regularly plays the cute little brother role. Anderson’s idol is Anthony Robbins as he too is striving to become an inspirational motivator. Fifthly (and not very special at all) is Andres Bucaro. Andres is a ladies’ man but has recently been tied down by the lovely Kim McClure. Andres hails from Guatemala and has adopted an English name of Andrew to keep his identity hidden. Finally, the coolest stud to walk this earth, Shooter “Owen Long” McGavin. Shooter will sadly be leaving us this year as he was selected 12th overall in the NFL Draft where he will be taking his talents to Minnesota. We wish him all the best and we hope he will remember us when he is cast into instant stardom.

Well there you have it avid followers the FSU Men’s Tennis Team and now you have our deepest darkest secrets. We hope to feel your support tomorrow as we take down some Bulldogs.

Signing out,
Jordan “Goon” Kelly-Houston

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