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Day Two: US Olympic Trials

June 27, 2012

OMAHA, Neb. – On the second day of the Olympic Trials, Josh Friedel posted a career best time in the 100 meter back in his debut at swimming’s marquee event.

The Fredericksburg, Va. native swam a time just shy of 56 seconds at 57.07 and placed in the top half of the event at 57th. Friedel is scheduled to swim his stronger event in the 200 meter back on Friday.

Two future Seminoles also made their Olympic Trial debuts as Sami Pochowski posted a 1:10.92 en route to a 39th place showing in the 100 breast. Madison Jacobi swam in her first race of three in the 400 meter free with a time of 4:24.08.

A Closer Look at Olympic Trials

Although they aren’t scheduled to race until Thursday, CJ Hendry and Mark Weber continued to share their experiences in Omaha, Neb.

CJ Hendry: Taking It All In- Day 2

Yesterday was our first off day, Mark (Weber) and I went to the pool with Coach Andy Robins around 7 this morning to get in a short practice (I did 3000, not sure about Mark, he did something a little different) in the competition pool before it got too crowded for prelim warm-ups. I wanted to get more time in the pool to get used to it and practice my turns so I won’t have another misjudgment. It felt good to swim off the race from the other day a little more and clear my head. We went back to the pool for prelims just to spectate. For myself, watching the top prelim heats inspires me to want to keep swimming and keep getting better. It makes me wonder if I’ve reached my potential and if not, how can I? These thoughts circle my head a good bit. I want to be in those top heats, I want to see my name in the top 16, I want to know what that feels like. The athletes that are so good always seem to swim fast when they’re supposed to, when all the attention is on them and the stakes are high, they swim well. But that reminds me of the time trial I swam in Indy when I was going after the 100 free trial cut…I only had one shot and I swam well. It was a great feeling to be ready for a race, feel good and actually have it go the way I was hoping for.

Today we saw Phelps and Lochte and newcomer Conor Dwyer. It’s really inspiring to see new faces come in and give the big shots a run. Like in the women’s 100 breast this morning, Amanda Beard has been a swim celeb since she was 16 and to see Rebecca Soni literally run train on her is ridiculous (their strokes are so different). This is a great example at how much the sport has changed in just a handful of years. It was very cool to see Janet Evans swim. I knew of her when I was young but didn’t look up to her as much as I did to Summer Sanders and Misty Hyman and Dara Torres. But wow, does she look great. Don’t think she swam as well as she was hoping but when she got out of the pool for her prelim swim she was just glowing…smiling from ear to ear. And to my surprise, she wasn’t that big! She was an average size woman, definitely fit but not a huge, tall, amazon lady. Boosts my confidence! Just like Natalie Coughlin and Kim Vandenberg, they’re more petite but they’re FAST. It’s encouraging. Anyway, to see someone like Janet still doing all this is very cool and puts swimming in a class of its own when it comes to the sports world. It’s so unique and tightly bonded when you’re on the inside and you know who is who…but the rest of the world really has no clue about swimming.

OH, and Josh Friedel did amazing! He swam so well with the high intensity atmosphere and being a freshman that really says a lot about how well he will do here at FSU. His suit was very pink but he wore it WELL.

Maybe sometimes you have to forget about everything around you, be a little naive like a new freshman, not knowing what will happen, not thinking about how you feel and just going out and racing to race.

It’s like getting back to the little age group swimmer who doesn’t care about pain and technicalities. Just racing.

Mark Weber: Entry Number One

The past few days have been a whirl wind of excitement! I arrived in Omaha on Sunday with my grandparents and caught up with the team at the hotel where I quickly dropped off my bags and went straight to the pool for a quick 2000m stretch out then dinner. Monday and today were mostly the same. Swim early, watch prelims, eat lunch, rest, watch finals, dinner, and then bed time. Monday’s finals were great to watch, it was exciting to see Lochte take down Phelps in the 400 IM, and watching Dana Vollmer knock down the American record in the semifinal of the women’s 100 fly was incredible. Monday’s finals were exciting again with Lochte beating Phelps in the semifinals 200 free and then coming in second in the semifinals of the 100 back. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun with some fast swimming. I can’t wait to get my chance to race come Thursday!