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Dear Diary…By Seminole Sophomore Tapiwa Marobela

April 26, 2006

Seminole Diary: Trip to Virginia and Virginia Tech

Dear Diary,
Oh, where should I start????? When Carolin freaked out, Oliver telling everybody he is “Golden child”, Whitney’s “Steve Urkle” act, Suzi(my hero) clinching the match against Virginia Tech even when she was facing a lot of adversity, our food coming an hour or so late (no exaggerations), and the best part having the Canes women’s team on the same flight as us. I’m going to say it all anyways.

We had the earliest flight in the history of women’s tennis, leaving at 8am to Atlanta. While we were all hanging around and passing through security, Carolin was being held back because they wanted to check her boot out. My dear German friend starts freaking out when the security officer took away her laptop and started screening it; it’s ok dear nothing happened to it. While in Atlanta airport Oliver decides to write his A-Z which by they way can be found on this website, and in the process for `G” wanted to write Golden Child….yeah right!!! You are special in your own way Ollie but I don’t think Golden Child will quite do it.

When we finally arrived in Virginia it was time for a great road trip to Charlottesville, where we would face the Cavaliers the following day. Everybody was hyped and ready to take on the team that’s been causing a stir in the ACC this season. While driving there was an emergency that needed to be taken care of. Our sweet girl Ania was having bad cramps, car sickness or something but, whatever it was she needed to “regurgitate”. A little rest and Subway got her good and ready for practice when we got to the courts. Once again we were playing indoors, but that’s okay because I really can’t deal with the weather up there, we had a good hit that afternoon before going to Panetta Bread and then went to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep.

Our match against Virginia was very exciting and I would say that we came as a surprise to the Cavaliers who weren’t expecting a tough match due to the difference in ranking between us and them. The doubles were all well fought for at all 3 positions, at number one, we lost 8-4, we lost 8-4 as well at number two and then we went down 8-6 at number 3. It was then time for the singles where we were looking to bounce back from the loss in the doubles point. The first two matches came off at the 4th and 6th spots, and now we were down 3-0. The remaining players were me, Alina, Nicola and Ania, and we were competing like mad dogs out there. At a certain point in the match we were in a very good position to strip Virginia of the win; I was up a set and 5-2, Alina was fighting back in the second set after losing the first set and was in a tie break, Nicola was moving into the third set and Ania had just taken the second set and was also starting the third set. I was certain that we were going to cause an upset at that point. Alina’s court had basically become the exhibition or highlight match of the day. Our men’s team was rooting for her all the way and the Virginia player was becoming very uneasy with the situation. Although I was still playing and Oliver will probably get an itch from me saying this, I was really eager to finish my match and go see what was going on with Alina’s match. I ran off the court only to get there and see that she just lost the match and we had lost. You can only imagine how I felt at that point. All the girls fought really hard for that match and our disappointment was very clear in the end.

After our match against Virginia, we had another lovely 2 hour drive to Blacksburg, where we would play Virginia Tech the following day. I really can’t say much about the drive because I was enjoying my time, sleeping, and listening to Foley and Oliver trade stories of the good old days back in England. When we got to the hotel we made the big mistake of deciding to eat at the hotel restaurant. I say a big mistake because firstly it took them a really long time to bring our water and lemonades, and on top of that it took the restaurant 45 minutes if not more, to bring our salads and soups. The worst part was them taking even longer to turn up with the fruit that some of the girls ordered… It was RIDICULOUS!!!!! You would think that they had to fly it in or wait for it to get ripe before bringing it out. We all went to bed shortly after that and prepared ourselves for what would turn out to be an exciting match the following day.

On match day, everybody was still wondering whether we were playing indoors or outdoors, but we ended up playing outdoors. Our match was scheduled for 11am and the Noles were ready to show the Hokies “who’s boss”. The doubles got off to a great start where we won at one and two to clinch the doubles point, and now we were even more fired up to win all the remaining matches. Before the last singles match was done it was tied at 3-3 and Suzi (my hero), was battling it out on court 5. She lost the first set and was down 3-1 in the second before she started to make her unforgettable come back. They played forever; I mean each point consisted of a 10 ball rally at the minimum. When the score was tied at a set each, she won the second set 75, the Virginia Tech fans started to become a little bit anxious. This was much to the advantage of our “Mansue”, who was able to take them into her stride and continued to play excellent tennis. The girl rallied and rallied, and although on occasion she “celebrated the point a little early”, it still didn’t bother her. I would say that I had never been more nervous and felt like my heart was being ripped out of me than when I was watching this match. It was absolutely nerve wrecking, and thank goodness she won because it was going to be a long, long flight back home. She clinched the match for us 4-3 and now it was time to head back to T-town.

On our way back home, our Weebsie (Whitney) pulled out her famous eye glasses.

“From what I heard contacts were too weak and regular glasses were too, so she was prescribed to wear goggles until she got her sight back to normal…”

If you see Whitney around, please take a minute to ask her if she can see now, she is really sensitive about it!

On top of all that happened on the trip, the best was yet to come. The University of Miami (yes, the Canes), women’s team came on the plane with us, but it wasn’t really exciting, no fights broke out, or nothing… “What happens on court stays on court!”

We were back in T-town and my wonderful 8:00 am class!

Until Next Time,

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