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Dear Diary…

Jan. 25, 2006

Throughout the season, Florida State tennis players and coaches will log diary entries each week detailing their experiences both on and off the court.  This week redshirt senior Miranda Foley will take us through her team’s trip to Illinois.  Foley is one of the team’s captains and she will be sidelined the entire season for medical purposes.  Regardless of her absence on the court, Miranda plays a vital role on the team as a leader, friend, encourager and motivator.  Enjoy…


Dear Diary,

The Seminoles spring season kicked off with a trip to the “Windy City” (Chicago) this weekend when we competed in a quad tournament at Northwestern University.


On arrival to the “Windy City” we were expecting the weather to be much cooler than it was. For some of those on the team that don’t get to see the snow that often (Suzanna Mansour and Whitney Eber), if at all (Tapiwa Marobela) we were all praying to see it at some point on this trip. On Friday, we were not let down. After having taken the train into downtown Chicago (with it raining bear in mind), we found a nice little Italian restaurant to dine at. This restaurant will definitely be remembered by all for its famous pizza pies that Ania Rynarzewska and assistant coach Oliver Foreman ordered. Poor Oliver was dying after only one slice, while Ania over the table was downing the pie like she hadn’t seen food for a month!!! To our pleasant surprise on the way home, the heavens finally decided to send us some of that white fluffy stuff we all know better as SNOW!!! Yay ya!


Ok now on to the important stuff:  The tennis of course.


The first day brought us up against Iowa and New Mexico in doubles play. The team of the day definitely goes to Tapiwa and Alina. Awesome doubles out there girls! You played like little “Zorros” as our assistant coach, Oliver Foreman, would like say. Which, for those of you that don’t know what that means…it is quick hands and speed up at the net. That’s what we like to see.


The next day was singles all day. First we competed against Penn State and then later against the Northwestern Wildcats. Unfortunately, Nicola Slater (Nic) was unable to play her first singles match for the Seminoles due to an ankle injury, but boy that sure meant that we all got to know her better off court. That girl is full of so much useless information; however I’m excited to see her compete as I know she is desperate to prove herself in one of the toughest conferences in college.


 “Tapiqua” (Tapps)–as we all like to call her–came out on fire! She is definitely going to be one to watch this season…that’s for sure. Whitney (Weebs) also fought through a tough match for her first singles win of the spring season. Good job, good job, girls.


The No. 6 Northwestern Wildcats (No. 6) are tough opponents and we all knew it would be a battle. We ended up not winning a match; however, I was very pleased with the girl’s efforts. Weebs had her chances but her opponent was clutch on the big points. That’s too tough. There were some flashes of brilliance from little Mansue (Suzi) and also Ania, but being freshman they still have to learn that to be great in college you can’t have the flashes of brilliance they need to be consistently there.


Saturday saw us start the day off with New Mexico in singles. Alina put on a great performance!  She killed her opponent. Great job Alina, if that’s not a confidence booster for you then I don’t know what will be. Ania, you too, I think you are on a high after that one but let me know if I’m wrong (laughs). Mansue, way to finally find your game, but I know there is a lot more to come! Congratulations on your first in season single win. And as for Tapps, all I have to say is “the great players know how to play the big points well.” Regardless, you gave a great effort against one of the top girls in college.


Doubles play saw us up against Penn State and Northwestern. Tapps and Alina, Ania and Suzi were the pairings as Whitney has a niggling knee injury that needed some rest. After today’s doubles performance ladies all I want to say is I cant wait to see the rest of the seasons play. There was some bloody great doubles played out there. I’m proud of you girls! It was a big improvement from Thursdays play!  Things will only get better I promise. J


After a long weekend of tennis we finished the weekend of tennis off with singles against Iowa.  There was some great competition, and once again, Alina did great!  Congrats!  Ania fought extremely hard with a tough three-setter, but unfortunately not able to pull it out. She undoubtedly left her heart on the court! 


Well, the weekend in Chicago had come to an end, and off to the airport we went.  Poor Fosser (Miranda Foley) was struggling with stomach flu, and not feeling well at all.  To top that off our flights were delayed, and we were lucky enough to spend 10 hours in the airport all together on Sunday!!  By the time we arrived in Tallahassee, everyone was dead tired, and ready for bed.  It was a great weekend of tennis, only leading us into an even better season!!  GO NOLES!!! 


Until next time,


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