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Diggin’ in Deep: Stephanie Pellitteri

April 1, 2013

Get To Know Sophomore Stephanie Pellitteri
By Caneka Hammonds, FSU Sports Information Intern

As the Florida State sand volleyball program prepares to begin its second season, Seminoles.com will highlight the personalities of the players in a weekly Q & A feature – “Diggin’ in Deep.” Our ninth “Diggin in Deep” participant is sophomore Stephanie Pellitteri.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
Being the first person to sign a letter of intent for collegiate sand volleyball.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I’m extremely competitive. A lot of people don’t know that until they play me in game.

What is something you wish you did better?
Golf, I played it a few times and I am terrible.

What is your favorite class at FSU?
Sport Psychology just because I can relate to it. I think that it helps me with my game and gives me different perspective on sports.

Who had the biggest influence on your athletic career?
My mom, Donna, because she has always supported me through everything, funding, has gotten me places and has just opened up a lot of opportunities for me to play. She’s just very supported of me and my sisters playing.

What do you think is your strongest athletic attribute?
That I communicate well with people. I think it makes it easier to play with different people when I’m talking to them and being positive.

Best non-athletic talent?
I’m really good at “Call of Duty.”

What would you say will be the strength of the team this season?
Our teamwork and unity. We definitely have a good team bonding and gel as a team. We definitely have team unity and that was one of our goals this year and I definitely think we’ve accomplished that and I think that it will help us be successful this season.

What is the strangest talent you have?
I can spin a toothpick on my nose

What was your childhood nickname or nickname that you currently have?
Everyone just calls me “Step.”

Name something, other than volleyball, that you’re truly passionate about.
Family, I always like to do things with my family. They come first.

Favorite song to dance to?
“Be My Lover” by La Bouche

Favorite dance?
My sister and I like to dance to “Wobble.”

What is one item that you really should throw away but probably never will?
My pillow pet. His name is Kevin and he travels with me. Everyone makes fun of me for keeping him.

Why FSU?
FSU has the best beach volleyball program. They basically started the whole collegiate sand volleyball as a NCAA sport.

What is your favorite thing about Florida State University?
It’s just different from where I live. I’m use to sand and palm trees and here it’s kind of country and everyone is super nice. Also being with my teammates every day, I love hanging out with them.

What is your earliest memory of playing volleyball?
I actually started sand volleyball going into high school. My best friend and I just decided to sign up for a tournament together.

The biggest difference of indoor and outdoor volleyball is sand of course, but can you tell me what are some other differences?
You have to be well rounded.

What is the best way that you would describe your game style?
Kind of quick because I am a shorter player so I like to run faster plays and lower sets.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about sand volleyball?
People think it’s super easy. They are just like `Oh sand volleyball that sounds like fun’ and all that stuff and they really have no idea how hard it is until they get out here.

What would be your perfect sand volleyball soundtrack?
I don’t know. I like country music.

Name three things you cannot live without.
My parents, my sisters and my faith in God

How do you spend your free time?
When I’m home I go to the beach. Here in Tallahassee, I just like to hang out with my sister, do school work and get ready for the next day of practice.

When do you feel your best morning, noon/afternoon or night?
Night, I’m a night owl.

What is your philosophy on life?
I like to wake up every day and try to do the best that I can every day and put all my effort into what I’m doing. Put 100% in everything I do.

Most exotic place that you have been?
Chula Vista, California. I went there for a sand volleyball camp and it was so close to Mexico. I’ve never been that close.

Finish this sentence – the best part of waking up…
“Knowing that I’m going to go play the sport I love every day.”

What single piece of technology you cannot live without?
My phone

Finish this phrase – life is a beach…
“and I’m just playing in the sand.”

Do you have any phobias?
I’m kind of afraid of spiders. I don’t really have any other phobias.

What’s your motto in life?
Just live every day to the fullest and try to be happy.

Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at.
Well beach volleyball is my favorite thing to do and cooking.

Hip hop, R&B, Rock, Country or Classical?

Favorite Movie?

Favorite TV Show?
“Prison Break”

If you could be on any reality show what would it be?
“The Bachelor”

If you could have any super power what would it be?
I would like to fly.

What would be your ideal dinner?
At an Italian restaurant. I love Italian food.

Who would be your ideal dinner date?
My family

Favorite dessert?
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

Favorite actor or actress?
I like Jennifer Aniston

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