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Digging Into The Mail Bag: Dear Rob…

Last week, I provided an email address that readers could use to field any question they might have and I’d answer it to the best of my ability. I had to sift through quite a few emails from Nigerian princes requiring my bank account information to help pay the taxes required to get to their vast fortunes before I finally found an email worthy of responding to here.

However, I first need to address something: I understand that in the busy lives of people these days, it might have been difficult to carve out some time to humor me with at least a sarcastic comment about my appearance or how unfunny I am, but besides the pity email that my mom sent me saying hello, I received exactly one email about running. One. Now I understand that could be because my gimmicky ploy to spice things up was misguided, but I think the more likely scenario (other than a glitch with Gmail) is because I’ve encapsulated what it’s like to be a collegiate runner here at Florida State so extraordinarily well in my previous articles that there’s simply nothing left to ask. But I digress. Rob, this one’s for you.

Before I get to the question, I must say, I’ve given just a bit of thought to who this Rob could be. Is he an excited high school runner, doe-eyed like Bambi before his mom became victim to what I always imagined was just a problem with deer overpopulation and a concerted effort by one licensed hunter to reduce the ecological impact that too many deer have on an already fragile ecosystem? Is Rob a middle-aged man, perhaps a dedicated fan of another school, looking for his team to gain the edge by finding out exactly what makes us tick? Is it possible that Rob is short for Roberta and she just loves running after work and wants some training tips? Or you know, maybe Rob is just some guy.

Digging Into The Mail Bag: Dear Rob…

Anyway, he (or she) asks, “How many days and miles do you train each week?”

Boy, that’s a loaded question. First of all, I don’t like to measure my runs in miles, but instead in how many times I stop on my runs. It could be for anything that’s worth stopping for, but I tend to record it in my running log as follows, This week I ran 20 bathrooms stops, four shoe ties, three drinks of water, one alligator watching stop, and one stop for an overwhelming sneeze. I think at my peak last year during cross country I was hovering around 25 bathroom stops and 10 stretching stops a week. But since you asked, I myself, the fragile runner that I’m blessed to be, run anywhere from 50 to 70 miles a week, with about two to three hours of aqua jogging or biking sprinkled in to ensure that someone doesn’t find me on the side of the trail, snapped in half. This kind of training is in no way indicative of others on the team, but it works for me (most of the time) and it’s been something that has been tweaked and experimented with for four years now.

As for how many days I train, it’s regularly either five to six days a week with one day off that’s dedicated solely to me being a bum. There are people who boast that they haven’t missed a day of running in however many days, or months, or years that will make you think they’re crazy, but, eh, I like my days off. I’m a firm believer in that one day a week where the most productive things I do is feed the dog, myself, and do the dishes. But I’m also not an expert. Clearly.

Speaking of experts, does anyone know when I should expect the big payday that these Nigerian princes keep promising me?

In between runs to the mailbox in search of riches, Bryce Kelley is a graduate student in Integrated Marketing Communications and a fifth-year Seminole from Hope Valley, R.I. A two-time All-ACC Academic selection in cross country with his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing, Kelley has been providing a weekly inside look at the FSU men’s team throughout the season…He will return next week following the ACC Championships in Louisville, Ky.

Digging Into The Mail Bag: Dear Rob…
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