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DisSEMinations: The Team That Won’t Be Satisfied

Sept. 29, 1999

Jay Miller


Florida State is averaging 41.5 points per game this season.
Forty-one and a half, that’s almost 42 and more than 41. And no matter how
it’s written, the average score of 41.5 is two tenths of a point behind
Georgia Tech for tops in the Atlantic Coast Conference and fifth in the
nation in scoring offense.

Yet, it’s just not enough.

Chris Weinke says it’s “scary”
to think about what the
offense can accomplish if
it really starts clicking.

It must be so very hard sitting atop all of
college football.
Following a game this season – any game, take your pick – scowls are where
you would usually find smiles, dissatisfaction hangs heavier in the locker
room than the steam from the showers.
One player was so disappointed with the 42-11 victory over N.C. State two
weeks ago that he said, “I feel sick. It feels like we lost.”

The heavy pressure to dominate weighs on each and every player on each and
every play in each and every game. Then again, if they didn’t want the hope
and dreams of millions resting with their fleet feet, they would have gone
to Duke.

Still, it’s something to be in and around this particular football team,
this particular year. From the coaching staff to the student trainers there
is a sentient that is a cloudy mix of anxiety and elation. Since 1989, no
team under head coach Bobby Bowden has been as heralded as this group of
‘Noles. And ’89’s Seminole rapping team was upended before the hype had a
chance to build momentum any further.

But now, in ’99, with Peter Warrick racing towards the Heisman like it’s the
goal line, the expectations have never been higher where 41.5 points just
aren’t enough.
Forty-one and a half points a game and FSU has been bumbling and stumbling
to a 4-0 record. The infinitely scrutinized Seminoles have field goal kicked
their way through the first third of the season.

Not particularly sharp on offense, consistent on defense or disciplined on
special teams, this team has still whitewashed three of the four opponents.
Only Georgia Tech represented what could be considered a challenge, and that
was only for the defense. The offense marched up and down the field on seven
consecutive possessions.

So the question is, if this team has just been mediocre and still averaged
almost 42 points a game, what will happen when the team executes like the
Spanish Inquisition?

“It’s scary to think about,” quarterback and black hooded assassin, Chris
Weinke said. “I mean, we’re 4-0 and that’s exactly where we want to be. But
we can do better – I can do better.”

The insatiable hunger is digesting the team from the inside out. This time,
just a “Snickers” candy bar won’t due. No, the only time the team will be
satisfied, putting up 40-whatever points a game or not, will be when they
are introduced to the small, quiet man who sizes national championship

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