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Doak Insider Notebook: Day 16

Aug. 24, 2011

Aug. 24, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — It was day 16 on the practice fields for the Florida State football team Wednesday afternoon.

I have had lots of great Twitter questions the last few days, so let’s jump right in.

@Nolefan37 asked, “Who is going to be the backup QB to EJ [Manuel]? Is [Jacob] Cpker looking to be the choice?

Good question. I actually have a note about that included below.

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@cjones6121 asked, “Who will be the two starting guards if everyone is healthy?

If the season started and everybody on the line was healthy, the two likely starters would be Bryan Stork and David Spurlock. Stork has done a good job bouncing around between the two guard spots during camp and Spurlock recently was cleared to participate after being limited in contact drills.

@Flawdaboi863 asked, “Who do you think would fit better alongside [Lamarcus] Joyner at the other safety spot, [Terrance] Parks or [Nick] Moody?

Terrance Parks (pictured) and Nick Moody could rotate at one of the safety spots this year.

I am taking the easy answer on this one: both. Both Parks and Moody have differing styles that make for a nice dynamic. Parks is stronger in coverage while Moody is stronger in run defense. I think we will see a rotation of the two all season long and that’s going to be a good thing for the Seminoles as both with remain fresh.

@JCBOYD_SPORT360 asked, “Obvious question: Life after [Christian] Ponder, how has EJ Manuel looked in practice? TE [Nick] O’Leary, any chance he plays this year?

Manuel has looked good running the offense for the Seminoles and shown consistent improvement since the first day of practice. 

The interesting part is that so much of his game is predicated on making moves with his legs, buying time and throwing on the run. He hasn’t been able to do that this fall because of the no-contact rule for quarterbacks. Once he puts on the regular jersey, watch out.

As for O’Leary, the talented freshman will definitely play but he has to get healthy first. He has missed the last few practices — including Wednesday — while resting a sore shoulder. Once he’s back, he will definitely be in the rotation at tight end.

@cdtinson asked, “How’s the QB [Manuel] handling his new role as a starter?

I actually addressed this a few days ago. Check that out here: Day 14 Notebook


Everybody knows how special Greg Reid is when he has the football in his hands. When he fields a punt or kickoff, the collective breath of everyone in the stadium inhales and holds.

Because he has such great vision carrying the ball, FSU fans always wonder whether or not he will pull double-duty and play a little offense.

Well, I asked Reid that very question recently.

“I don’t know man,” Reid said with a smile on his face. “I really want to, though. It’s up to Coach Fisher. We have a lot of playmakers on our offense so it would be hard to get in there. But I would be willing to do whatever to help out this team.”

Reid played once on offense last season and registered an eight-yard run in the win over Samford.


Clint Trickett has earned the No. 2 QB job behind EJ Manuel.

The life of a backup quarterback is an interesting one.

You must be prepared to play at any time but must also realize that your number might not get called at all.

Redshirt freshman Clint Trickett is experiencing that right now. As the backup to EJ Manuel, Trickett must understand the intricacies of the offense inside and out even though he may not get much time to play this year.

Quickly approaching the start of the new season, Fisher said he’s liked what he has seen in Trickett’s development and growing grasp of the FSU offense.

“I have been very pleased with Clint,” Fisher said. “I have been very pleased with him – he is coming on. Last three or four days, week, he is starting to really play … throwing the ball well, making throws down the field on time, understanding.”

Trickett entered fall camp in a battle with redshirt sophomore Will Secord for the No. 2 spot at quarterback but has distanced himself in that race heading into the first game.

So what has Trickett done to claim that spot?

“Mentally, getting it out, making the throws, getting confidence, understanding the offense,” Fisher said. “Just playing faster and doing the things he is doing. He is throwing the deep ball really well right now. He’s a competitor. He’s tough, competitive, smart, understands ball and cares.  He really cares.  You can tell he’s a coaches’ kid. You definitely can.”


On a team full of young playmakers, redshirt senior wide receiver Bert Reed is the old veteran.

The speedy pass-catcher has the ability to score every time he touches the football. But over the course of his career, the FSU coaches have wanted to see more consistency from Reed. 

In what will be his final season in the garnet and gold, Fisher said that “Speed Reed” is starting to show flashes of that very important trait.

“You know what he is capable of and you see spurts of it,” Fisher said. “As I keep saying, it’s consistency. His talent is great. But how consistent are you?  That’s my definition of great — consistency and performance over a long period of time. He’s now becoming consistent — he really is — I have been very pleased with the way he has played.  He’s using his speed finally and he’s fast. If we lined them all up and ran a 40-yard dash I would put my money on him every time against everybody on this football team. I’m not saying with the clock says, I’m saying when they line up and run he out runs them every time no matter who it is. 

“And he is starting to play that fast.”


There are just 10 days left until Florida State’s first game of the season on Sept. 3 against Louisiana-Monroe. In celebration, here’s a photo of Nick Moody:

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