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Dr. Richard Baker Bio
Hall of Fame Class: 1997 (Moore-Stone Award)

The list of Moore-Stone Award winners read like a Who’s Who of intercollegiate athletics at Florida State and that list proved one step closer to completion with the addition of Dr. Richard Baker as the 1997 award winner.

Dr. Baker distinguished himself as one of Florida State’s finest teachers as a professor in the College of Business from 1950-81. He won the first ever Alpha Kappa Psi Award for outstanding instruction based on a student poll in 1963. He has authored a number of publications and has received countless awards for his teaching and research excellence. His skills in business marketing led to a number of consulting and research opportunities.

Dr. Baker’s selection as the Moore-Stone winner recognizes his contributions to the success of the Florida State Athletic Committee form 1974-80 and , in that role, led the program on the path to the success FSU now enjoys.

Dr. Baker’s outstanding career as a professor and member of the athletic committee make him a very popular winner of the Moore-Stone Award.

Dr. Richard Baker Bio
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