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Drew Weatherford Q&A

Feb. 23, 2006

By Jeff Purinton, FSU Sports Information


Even though we are at the end of February, there is still a lot going on with Florida State football. A successful signing day has gone by and we already have six new Seminoles on campus. The team is currently conducting morning conditioning three times a week and spring practice is right around the corner with the first day scheduled for March 13th. Spring practice concludes with the annual spring game on April 8th at 2:00 p.m. and then the talk about Miami and the Monday night season-opener can officially begin. Seminoles.com sat down with sophomore quarterback Drew Weatherford to get his opinion on everything from the receiver with the best hands to the three people he would most like to play a round of golf with.


1) Give us an update on how off-season conditioning drills have gone so far?


DW: They are very hard, we get up at 5:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We only have a couple more left though. Even though they are difficult, I feel like we are coming together as a team and it will all pay off in the future.


2) The 2006 Florida State football team will be one of the youngest we’ve had with just six scholarship seniors on the roster. Do you feel like a national championship season is still within reach?


DW: At Florida State I feel like a national championship is always within reach. We have some of the best talent in the country and it will really just depend on how well we play together and the type of chemistry we have.


3) You seem like an athlete who takes pride in being a Seminole. What does it mean to have a scholarship to Florida State and to be the quarterback for the winningest coach in college football?


DW: It’s kind of hard to express in words when you are actually in the moment. Being on scholarship has been a great benefit to me since I have nine children in my family. That’s one less kid my parents have to pay for to send off to school. It’s something I don’t take lightly and I appreciate a great deal. As for playing for Coach Bowden, it’s a dream come true. I’ve wanted to play here since I was a little kid. Now I find myself dealing with college football’s greatest coach on a daily basis.


4) Here’s some quick hitters on your receivers –

Best hands: Robert Hallback

Fastest: Kenny O’Neal

Best routes: Chris Davis

Best off the line: De’Cody Fagg

Best moves after the catch: Chris Davis

Best downfield blocker: Joslin Shaw

Best practice celebration: Rod Owens and De’Cody Fagg

Worst practice celebration: Even though I’m not a receiver, I’d say me. I think everyone saw the Maryland game after that touchdown run.

Best trash talker: Richard Goodman

Easy one, best at the jump ball: Greg Carr


5) How about on your teammates overall –

Best dressed: Buster Davis

Worst dressed: John Frady

Funniest: Chris Davis

Hardest worker: Mikhal Kornegay

Big man on campus: Lorenzo Booker

Best quote: Lorenzo Booker, he’s really good with the media

Best dancer: Rod “Old School” Owens

Worst dancer: Anthony Houllis

Most Intellectual: John Frady


6) Of the six new players already on campus, who has already stood out in your opinion?


DW: Myron Rolle. He is constantly working hard on and off the field. A guy with as much hype as he had usually doesn’t work that hard, which is impressive.


7) Who is a guy that we may already know of, but who we will all be very familiar with after the 2006 season?


DW: Lawrence Timmons on defense. He’s an All-American linebacker. On offense, I think De’Cody Fagg will have a breakout season.


8) Who is the best defensive back you have faced both in practice and in games?


DW: Here at Florida State, I would say Bryant McFadden because of his athletic ability and his knowledge of the game. In terms of opposing teams, I thought Tye Hill from Clemson was really good.


9) If you had your choice, would you take off the green jersey in practice and take or give a few hits? If so, who would you least like to get hit by?


DW: I would like to play without a green jersey except when Lawrence Timmons was coming after me, then I would like to put it back on for that moment.


10) You can pick three people to fill out your foursome to play any golf course in the world. Who would those three people be and what course would you play?


DW: George W. Bush, Michael Jordan and Billy Graham. For the course, I would play Augusta National. Hopefully one of those three guys could get us on there.


11) Last question. You’ve met most of the great FSU quarterbacks of recent years. Give me a word of couple words that come to mind on each.


Peter Tom Willis – I see ya!

Brad Johnson – A winner who is very methodical in his style of play

Casey Weldon – Competitor and good teacher

Chris Weinke – Heisman



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